Monday 30 June 2014

Book Review: Death in Perspective by Larissa Reinhart

Since Larissa Reinhart introduced the world to Cherry Tucker in Portrait of a Dead Guy she has been tantalizing and enthralling readers with this sweet and sassy heroine. Her latest installment is no different. Cherry is back and ready to take on the world, by solving a mystery and keep her own love life out of trouble!

I’ve enjoyed watching Cherry not just solve mysteries, but the interactions in her personal life as well, both with Deputy Luke and also the ups and downs of each of their families. With Cherry’s brother missing there is sure a lot going on with Cherry’s family and I glued to each page wondering how it would all play out.

I always enjoy the mystery elements of the Cherry Tucker mysteries. As someone that reads a lot of mysteries I find it easy to solve my fair share of mysteries. However Larissa Reinhart has me stumped every time!! In the case of this one I liked the realism Larissa Reinhart adds with the real world elements of cyber bullying and suicide. While this is a fictional story readers will recognize elements of life that we hear about on the news, far too often.

Death in Perspective is another thrilling adventure in this series and I’m sure, like myself, readers will fall in love with Cherry Tucker all over again, reminding us all why she is one of our favourite sleuths!

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