Tuesday 17 June 2014

Book Review: Cookie Dough or Die by Virginia Lowell

Best friends, Olivia and Maddie, own The Gingerbread House, a cookie shop that specializes in not just cookies, but cookbooks, cookie cutters… everything cookies! When Olivia learns that her dear friend, Clarisse Chamberlain, has passed away, she’s devastated. Clarisse was her mentor and close friend. When the circumstances surrounding Clarisse’s death don’t add up, Olivia and Maddie take it upon themselves to investigate and find out what happened.

COOKIES! I love cookies, everyone loves cookies. Discovering a new-to-me series that features cookies is like discovering cookies in the cupboard you forgot about! Reading this first book was just like that… devouring a mouth-watering cookie.

I loved everything about The Gingerbread House. The way Virginia Howell describes the shop with all it’s cookie paraphernalia and the close friendship between Olivia and Maddie really drew me in. I enjoyed every minute and didn’t want to put it down until I had turned the last page.

The mystery was fascinating, especially since originally the police rule the death as accidental, not murder. Of course all of us cozy readers know how often the police are wrong! It was interesting watching Olivia, with the help of Maddie, untangle the mystery.

With a sweet, cozy small town, and lots of small town gossip surrounding the death of Clarisse, Cookie Dough or Die was a home-run for me. I liked all the characters, from the snoopy mailman, Sam, to the gossipy reporter, Binnie, and especially Olivia’s dog, Spunky! I’m happy that this is already a long-running series and intend to spend time catching up with what Olivia and Maddie are going to get up to next.

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