Monday 14 September 2020

Priced to Kill (Second Treasures Mysteries #2) by Margaret Evans

Laura Keene’s adventures in Raging Ford, Minnesota, continue as she struggles to pull her life together and find the truth behind the deaths of her parents. In Volume 2 of the Second Treasures Mysteries, “Priced to Kill,” Laura digs into the history of a beautiful hand-made quilt and discovers it may have been an instrument of death in the past. What she uncovers puts lives in danger, and she is faced with how far the killer is willing to go to keep a perfect crime secret.   (Summary via Goodreads)

I fell in love with the Second Treasures Mystery series by Margaret Evans when I read the first book, Twice Sold Murder.  Evans set the stage beautifully providing the reader with a sturdy background on main character Laura Keene, the town she grew up in, why she moved away in high school after her parents murder and her return to town 11 years later....and, of course, how she got involved in a murder case and helped her longtime friend, Sergeant Connor Fitzpatrick.

In Priced to Kill, the second book in the series, we get to witness Laura and Connor take their relationship to the next level.  They want to catch up on the 11 years that they were apart and move forward, however, with Connor's job and Laura's two jobs, there is never any time for the two to even have a cup of coffee together.  Laura is always looking for items to add to her merchandise and now that tax season is here, she is also using her CPA certifications.  And Connor is struggling to run his police department while his boss is always out of town and the force is already running with fewer employees than they require.

With it being winter and the weather is snowy and cold, Laura has added a makeshift fireplace and has arranged quilts around it to entice shoppers to buy them.  While looking over some quilts in the backroom, Isabella the cat that only Laura can see, refuses to let her get too close to one of the quilts.  This leads Laura to look into the history behind the quilt.

Laura has so much on her plate with running 2 businesses, getting reaquainted with her friends and towns people, taking her relationship with Connor to the next level, looking into the history behind her ancestors as well as her parents death, so looking into the mysterious death of the owner of the quilt shouldn't be any big deal.  Unfortunately when she starts to feel sick and her symptoms are the same as the previous owner of the quilt, Laura dives head first into trouble.......unfortunately this time she drags Connor down with her.

Evans provides readers with a great murder to follow as well as giving readers little bits and pieces of the puzzle behind the murder of Laura's parents.  With each new book in the series, we get to know everyone more and more and want to stay longer and longer in Raging Ford, Minnesota.  Personally I'm thinking about moving there........

Review by Missi M.

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