Thursday 2 March 2023

Crafting for Murder: A Gasper's Cove Cozy Mystery by Barbara Emodi

Beware! A crafty killer lurks in Gasper's Cove

Seamstress, crafter, and empty-nester Valerie Rankin has plans to open a crafter's co-op that will put Gasper's Cove, Nova Scotia on the map. One month before opening day, she still has to pin down a venue, patch up the family business, iron out corruption in the town council, and unravel why anyone who tries to help her ends up dead. With the help of her Golden Retriever, an ex-con who loves cats, and a community of first, second, and third cousins, she just might pull it off.  (Summary via Goodreads)

Crafting for Murder is the first book in the Gasper's Cove Cozy Mystery series by Barbara Emodi and readers will want to move to Gasper's Cove immediately....and if you have a knack for making something crafty, you will be totally in your element.

In Crafting for Murder Valerie Rankin has moved back to Casper's Cove and is staying in her aunt's house while her aunt is in Florida deciding if she wants to live there.  Valerie hasn't just moved back home to be somewhere famiiar and be around family and friends, she has a big plan !!  She wants to renovate the second floor of the family's General Store and open a crafting co-op.  And she has made the first step after planning it, she goes and does a radio interview and lays out her plan and ideas.  Unfortunately before the interview is aired Gerry the radio's "Voice of the Waves" announcer and interviewer is found dead at the bottom of the stairs at the station.  And if that isn't bad enough for Valerie a building inspector comes into the store and inspects the second floor and fails it for further renovations until they put new stronger beams in.

So seeing as Valerie has time on her hands she decides to look into Gerry's murder as well as try to get the store deemed an historical site so that the co-op could happen.  Unfortunately she has to go up against a committee of councilors who were untrustworthy crooks and liars.  But with the help of Gerry's assistant from the radio station, Noah and her new engineer friend, Stuart, she may get everything she hopes for and then some......until another murder rocks their quiet and safe town.

Valerie doesn't know what she is getting into when she moves back to her hometown....a town that doesn't lock their cars or front doors, where everyone knows everyone and everyone gets along....but she soons learns with Gerry's death and someone stealing a big, heavy sewing machine from her car when it was in her own driveway, that it is not the same town that she left years ago.  But she is one determined person and she will open the co-op....

Readers will fall in love with Gasper's Cove, the people and the businesses and will want to contribute to the co-op once it opens.  And you will be right there along side Valerie as she looks into the murder and bringing justice to the town she loves !!!  And this series will be one on your watch list so that you can get back to Gasper's Cove as soon as the next book is out !!!!

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