Tuesday 7 March 2023

A Wedding Gone to the Dogs (Samantha Davies Mysteries #3) by S.A. Kazlo

Life for children's book author Samantha Davies seems to finally be going smoothly. She has a new boyfriend, the love of her faithful dachshund and star of her books, Porkchop, and wedding bells are even ringing for Sam's Southern Belle cousin, Candie Parker. After eleven engagements Candie has finally found Mr. Right in Mark Hogan, who is currently running for reelection as the Mayor of Wings Falls in small-town Upstate New York.

But when Candie hires Ex-FiancĂ© #1, Tommy, to repair her century-old purple Victorian home, disaster strikes. Instead of the perfect place for Candie and Mark to start their life as husband and wife, Candie finds Tommy dead—murdered with his own nail gun! Things only get worse when a few old racy pictures of Candie from when she and the victim were engaged surface, providing the police with the perfect motive for Candie to kill her ex.

With the police on the wrong trail, Sam isn't about to sit on the sidelines in this murder investigation—much to the dismay of Sam's boyfriend, Detective Hank Johnson. But it's up to Sam to make sure her cousin doesn't spend her honeymoon in the Wings Falls' poky. Will Sam find out who the murderer is so Porkchop can walk down the aisle as Candie's ringbearer? Or will the killer be saying "I do" to another victim... this time closer to home?  (Summary via Goodreads)


Candie is Samantha's cousin and best friend in the Samantha Davies Mystery series by S.A. Kazlo and she has been engaged more times than you can count on your fingers and toes but she never made it down the aisle.  This time is different though and she is finally a few weeks away from her wedding to the mayor of Wings Falls where Candie and Sam live.  Nothing is going to stop them from getting married and living happily ever after in Candie's beautiful Victorian home.....except maybe a murder on Candie's balcony and Candie is the top suspect !!!

A Wedding Gone to the Dogs is the third book in this series and the focus is on Candie and Mark's wedding day.  Unfortunately Candie hired an ex-boyfriend Tommy Ray who does construction to do some work around her house so that everything was ready when Mark moved in after the honeymoon.  Unfortunately while Sam and Candie were at church and Sweetie Pie's Cafe for their routine after church breakfast, someone murdered Tommy Ray on the balcony of Candie's home.  And the nosy neighbor next door insists that she say Tommy Ray and Candie with her hard to miss Southern accent fighting on the balcony.

Candie has a few things on her side....her cousin and best friend Sam who is always willing to prove someone's innocence and solve a murder, Sam's boyfriend is Detective Hank Johnson and he knows that Candie is innocent, and Candie's boyfriend is the mayor so that has to count for something.  Unfortunately one big thing that Candie has against her is that Sergeant Joe "Sandy" Johnson has it out for Sam and anyone she knows and loves.  This all stems from when they were in kindergarten and Sam caught Joe peeing in the sandbox and tattled on him. He has never gotten over it and Sam doesn't help the issue because anytime that she can call him Sandy, she does.

Luckily for Candie that Sam is on the case and the two of them discover some discrepancies in the neighbors account of what and who she saw.  They are also able to find some other people that wanted Tommy Ray out of the picture and some of them are new arrivals to Wings Falls.

Readers cannot help but fall in love with this series.  There is so much to love...from the characters, their jobs, the businesses, the friendships and other relationships, the quaint little town of Wings Falls....even the murders will attract you.  Oh and we cannot forget to mention Porkchop, Sam's dog and Dixie, Candie's cat as they steal the show occasionally and you will fall head over heels in love with them.  So run, dont walk, don't jog and grab your copy immediately and get to reading !!

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