Monday 31 August 2020

Thread and Dead: The Apron Shop Series (Apron Shop #2) by Elizabeth Penney

Thread and Dead: The Apron Shop Series
Tragedy strikes in Thread and Dead, the second book in Elizabeth Penney's cozy mystery series—and now everyone in Blueberry Cove, Maine, is on pins and needles. . .

Iris Buckley is busier than ever this July, with the town’s annual Lobster Festival fast approaching. In just a matter of days her apron shop Ruffles & Bows, will be jam-packed with tourists eager to lay eyes on its world-class collection of aprons and linens—and Iris’s inventory is running low. Then, just when all hope seems lost, Iris gets a call from Eleanor Brady, a wealthy, reclusive spinster who just happens to have trunks full of vintage fabrics. Would Iris like to come down to Eleanor’s cottage estate Shorehaven and have a look? 

Before long Iris is on the scene—and on the case. Turns out that Eleanor has rented Shorehaven to the handsome, charismatic environmentalist Dr. Lukas de Wilde and his flock of students. What begins as an apron-scouting endeavor soon morphs into a full-blown murder investigation when Dr. de Wilde’s beautiful young teaching assistant turns up dead. Now it’s up to Iris—along with her partner-in-love-and-crime Ian Stewart—to unravel the mystery before the Blueberry Cove killer strikes again.

Praise for The Apron Shop series

“Quirky-meets-fun.”—Woman's World on Hems & Homicide

“Penney knows the recipe for delivering just what cozy readers are looking for.” —Reviewing the Evidence    (Summary via Goodreads)

I would love to live in Blueberry Cove in Maine but it would have to be exactly like it is in the Apron Shop Mystery series by Elizabeth Penney.  I would want to hang out with Iris Buckley and her group of girlfriends and work either with Iris and her grandmother in the Apron Shop or at the Belgian Bean with Sophie.  And I would totally want to have a cool boyfriend like they do.....or their friend Madison.

In Thread and Dead, the second book in the Apron Shop Mystery series, Blueberry Cove is gearing up for the week long lobster festival so everyone is busy !!  And Iris is extra busy.  She co-owns the Apron Shop with her grandmother and gets a phone call from the owner of Shorehaven Cottage looking to sell some vintage linens and other items.  While at Shorehaven Cottage she meets Dr. Lukas de Wilde who is staying there for business.  Little do they know how exciting the week is going to be and they are going to get to know each other quite well. 

Dr. de Wilde is staying at Shorehaven Cottage with a group of colleagues who are working on a project called Farming the Sea which is about farming sea animals and plants.....mainly seaweed.  Unfortunately when Iris, Madison and Ian (Iris' boyfriend) are out rock climbing the morning after the The Taste O'the Sea reception, the start of the lobster festival celebration, Iris sees one of the members of the project laying on a rock ledge dead.  When it is ruled a homicide Iris, Grammie and the girls decide to do their own investigating.

Along with running the store, looking into the homicide, and hanging with her friends, Iris is also looking into the background of Eleanor, the owner of Shorehaven Cottage, her parents and some vintage clothing and jewels.

Even though the two things have nothing to do with each Iris id determined to find answers for both situations......

I loved getting lost in Thread and Dead.  There is never a dull moment and even when Iris and her grandmother are hosting a girl's night, it is a good time !!!   And readers will love the determination Iris has when she wants answers.  And the girl has NO fear !!   Readers will be drawn to Blueberry Cove and will not want to leave.  Readers will love the town, the people and the relationships among the people....especially Iris and her group.  A part of me was left in Blueberry Cove and I intend to visit whenever Penney publishes a new book in this series.

Review by Missi M.

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