Saturday 27 June 2020

Cream Caramel and Murder (Holly Holmes #1) by K.E. O'Connor

Cream Caramel and Murder (Holly Holmes Cozy Culinary Mystery Series Book 1)
Sweet treats, revenge, and murder.

‘I truly loved the characters in this book, they were so vivid and fun!’ Amazon review.

Holly Holmes loves her new job working in the kitchen at Audley Castle, home to the eccentric and wealthy Audley family. 

With her faithful corgi cross, Meatball, by her side, she enjoys a quiet life full of baking, researching old recipes, and trying any fun fitness fad – weighted hula hoop, anyone? 

When the bumbling, and cute, Lord Rupert Audley requests some of her scrumptious desserts for his school reunion, she happily gets baking. 

Everything is going great until Meatball discovers a hand sticking out of the ground, Princess Alice faints, and Holly gets stuck in the spotlight for murder! 

If Holly can’t clear her name, she’ll lose her amazing new life in the beautiful Audley St. Mary, Meatball will go back to the animal shelter, and her freedom will be history. 


Welcome to a new cozy culinary mystery series, full of desserts, murder, and puzzles for you to solve. Meet baker, Holly Holmes, Lady Philippa who has an uncanny ability to predict murder, the ditzy Princess Alice, and a cast of quirky, fun characters who will entertain you throughout this book. 

Enjoy mystery, friendship, puzzles, and lots of tasty treats as you indulge in this delicious read. 

Written in American English (by a British author – so excuse the occasional British phrase!) 

This is a clean, cozy culinary mystery with only a small amount of peril and danger. The killer always gets their just desserts!   (Summary via Goodreads)

Cream Caramel and Murder by K.E. O'Connor is a fun, fast read !!  It was so fun I couldn't stop reading !!!
This is the first book in the Holly Holmes series and I hope that future books in this series are as captivating as this one was !!

Holly Holmes is the main character and readers will want to be her !!  She works in a castle and lives on the grounds !!  Her best friend is a real live princess !!  Holly works in the kitchen in the castle creating mouth watering desserts for the Royal family as well as the cafe on the grounds for the busloads of people that come to tour the castle and the gardens around it.

In Cream Caramel and Murder Lord Rupert is hosting a get-together for his old school buddies, they do this yearly and this is the year they come to stay at the castle.  On the first night after meeting them all, Holly gets an instant disliking feeling for one of them, Kendal, after he makes some unwanted advances on her.  Unfortunately the next morning when Holly and Princess Alice are taking Holly's dog, Meatball, for a walk around the grounds, Meatball leads them right to a hand sticking out of the ground !!!  Sadly it turns out to be Kendal and he was murdered !!!

While Holly tries to find out who killed him and why, Cameron who is head of security for the castle seems to have his eye on Holly and not in a good way.  Holly just met the deceased the night before, she has no reason to want to see him dead but she needs to prove that so that she can continue to live her fairy tale life.

Readers will fall in love with Cream Caramel and Murder by the time they finish the first chapter.  There are so many reasons to love this story..... the main character, her dog, her job, where she lives, who she hangs out with, her quaint little town, even the murder and the story behind it will have readers turning pages quickly.

I highly recommend getting lost in this first book in the series.... I am on to the next book, Chocolate Swirls and Murder and CANNOT wait !!!!

Review by Missi M.

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