Wednesday 25 March 2020

Sleuth on Safari (A Traveler Cozy Mystery #1) by A.R. Kennedy

Sleuth on Safari (A Traveler Cozy Mystery #1)

A bargain deal on a safari + one dead body = An adventure no one could plan for.

Naomi and her estranged sister are off on a trip of a lifetime—an African safari, a bucket list trip for Naomi on which she got a last-minute deal. Naomi thinks traveling with her sister will be the worst part of her African safari until she finds one of their fellow travelers, the unlikable Dr. Higgins, dead. She gets more adventure than she bargained for when she starts investigating what she thinks is murder but the luxury lodge says was a tragic accident. She only has a few vacation days, and a few game drives, to find the killer.    (Summary via Goodreads)

Sleuth on Safari by A.R. Kennedy was so fun to read !!  

In Sleuth on Safari we are heading on safari with Naomi and her sister Charlotte and a group of other strangers, however, by the end of the trip we will know some more than we wish we did !!!

While Charlotte relaxes reading her medical books and attends all of the scheduled activities, Naomi has other things on her mind when one of the other guests is found dead in his room on the second day and Naomi is the one to find him !! Everyone else seems to accept that Dr. Higgins was killed by hyenas but things don't add up to Naomi.  

Naomi goes about the safari watching everyone, guests and employees, at the lodge trying to figure out who among them could be the killer.  This isn't an easy task considering she doesn't know any of them and there doesn't seem to be a reason why someone would have killed Dr. Higgins other than he was a grumpy man and no one liked him.  Also you cannot roam around the area without a member of the staff to ensure your safety from the animals that may be lurking.

It looks like someone is going to get away with murder as the safari trip winds down and everyone is getting ready to depart back to their normal lives until someone lets something slip and Naomi is right there to catch the killers mistake !!!!

I loved reading this first book in the Traveler Cozy Mystery series and cannot wait until the next trip that Naomi goes on.....  I highly encourage readers to take the plunge and dive into Sleuth on will feel like you are actually in Africa with all the cool animals around you.....however, you will be complete safe at home on your couch !!!

Review by Missi M.

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