Wednesday 11 March 2020

Gone, Kitty, Gone (A Cat Groomer Mystery #4) by Eileen Watkins

Gone, Kitty, Gone
The fur is really going to fly when groomer Cassie McGlone drags in a catnapper . . .

With her new van, Cassie has expanded her Comfy Cat business to include mobile cat grooming. Next stop: a cat expo at a hotel just outside her hometown of Chadwick, New Jersey, where Cassie will give a grooming demo using shelter cats to encourage adoption while her veterinarian boyfriend Mark will offer a program on cat care and health.

The highlight of the expo will be a major cat show featuring pop sensation Jaki Natal. Almost as famous as his owner is her pet Gordie, a Scottish fold, who's become a social media darling. But when adorable Gordie goes missing and his sitter is found murdered, Jaki is having kittens. While the cops are more interested in solving the murder of a human, Jaki insists Cassie help expose the catnapper and return gorgeous Gordie to the fold. Now it's Cassie's turn to solo as she plays a deadly game of cat-and-mouse with a culprit who's not afraid to pounce . . .

Praise for Feral Attraction

"Watkins' series is distinguished by the incorporation of facts about cats relating to each case, making her writing educational as much as it is entertaining."
--Kirkus Reviews

"This delightfully cozy mystery is a perfect rainy day read. So curl up with your cat and dig in!"
--Modern Cat

"This entry is a cat lover's delight"
--Publishers Weekly   (Summary via Goodreads)

What a nail biting, holding your breath, on the edge of your seat reading material !!  Gone, Kitty, Gone is the fourth book in Eileen Watkins Cat Groomer Mystery series and BOY,OH, BOY .... is it a GREAT book !!

One thing that makes it easier to read is that I am a cat lover.  I, like main character Cassie McGlone, have three cats so reading a story with a cat theme is my kind of story.  Although it makes it more enjoyable to read, part of the story line will complicate that.....but in a good kinda way.

In Gone, Kitty, Gone Cassie is going to a weekend long cat expo where she will be demonstrating how her grooming side of her business, Cassie's Comfy Cats, worked.  And she also roped her boyfriend, Mark, into doing some demonstrations and having a table set up for his veterinary practice.  Cassie's mother and her boyfriend will also be attending as Harry's cat will be in the competition.  There is also going to be a celebrity singer there with her social media famous cat, Gordy.  Jaki Natal grew up in the area so she was very cooperative in being at the event and doing a concert to raise money for the cats.

Unfortunately things go downhill pretty quick when Gordy is taken during a power outage and a security guard is found dead in a stairwell.  Jaki heard how Cassie has helped the police in the past when they had animal involved crimes so she asks Cassie to help find her beloved cat.  Of course Cassie had already been on alert and keeping an eye open but once she got "officially" asked to work the case, she goes above and beyond to look into things.....

Gone, Kitty, Gone is such a fun read !!  I loved hanging out at the expo with Cassie and with the story being based around a cat expo really captivates the readers attention....even if you aren't a cat lover.  One cannot help but love Cassie, her business, her relationships, the way she goes about her life and helping others.  You just know that with Cassie on the case, it's going to be okay.....but the ride to get there will have the reader on the edge of their seat.......

And can I just say..... Don't you just LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the kitty on the cover ???  OMG !!!

Review by Missi M.

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