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Carnage at the Christmas Party: A Mystery Novella (A Windy Pines Mystery Book 2) by Holly Tierney-Bedord (

Carnage at the Christmas Party: A Mystery Novella (A Windy Pines Mystery Book 2)

This is book two in the Windy Pines mystery series. It can be read as a stand-alone novella. 

Windy Pines, Idaho, is known for three things: Beautiful mountain views, the world’s most incompetent police force, and, lately, murder. 

Charlotte Smyth’s new job as the O’Leery Snowboarding Inc.’s Spreader of Cheer is anything but a perfect fit. She hates sports, cold weather, and anything bordering on ‘extreme’. Within days of starting her new job, she finds herself in a sea of political incorrectness, verbal abuse, and long hours, with little relief in sight. In a small town like Windy Pines, where a person’s lucky to find a job at all, her only choice is to make it work. Her boss Shane Letcher is just as disappointed with Charlotte, whom he’s decided isn’t cool enough to understand the company culture or raise the spirits of the staff. 

Giving her one last chance to prove herself, Shane decides the O’Leery Christmas party is Charlotte’s make-it or break-it opportunity. She needs to deliver a fun, fabulous time, or find a new place to work. What Charlotte doesn’t know is that even if she can throw together a spectacular soiree, there are schemes happening behind the scenes that could foil her party plans. 

Charlotte and her new love interest had better unravel this who-done-it before the Windy Pines police decide to arrest someone, or they may find themselves spending Christmas in jail!   (Summary via Goodreads)

Got a few hours to kill ? Want to read something that will grab you instantly and won't take long to read but will hold your attention from the first word till the last sentence ?  Carnage at the Christmas Party: A Mystery Novella by Holly Tierney-Bedord is what you are looking for.

Hang around with Charlotte for a few hours and feel her frustration and annoyance with her job, boss, and co-workers.  You would think that her job would be a fun job....after all she is the "Spreader of Cheer" for a company that make snowboards.  But her boss, Shane, is a real piece of work and no matter what she does, she can't seem to do anything right.

Planning the company Christmas party is her last chance.  This party has to be out of this world and impress everyone or she will be out of a job....which wouldn't be such a bad thing if she didn't live in Windy Pines where there were no jobs....good or bad. 

To ensure that the party is a success Charlotte goes all out when her boss says money is no object.  She organizes a fashion show with models flown in from New York City to model her best friend Alfredo's spring collection.  Unfortunately in the middle of the show while the lights are dim, someone takes an ax and kills one of her co-workers and a few models.  And Charlotte doesn't realize until later than evening that the clue to crack the case is her her pocket !!!

Carnage at the Christmas Party can be read in one sitting and once you start reading it you won't want to put it down until you are finished !!  It is the perfect read for a quiet afternoon....grab a cup of coffee and a comfy blanket and you'll finish your beverage around the same time as the book....unless you get caught up in the story then your coffee may need reheating.

Review by Missi S.

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