Friday 22 December 2017

Bed, Breakfast and Murder (Ryli Sinclair Mystery #4) by Jenna St. James

Bed, Breakfast and Murder (Ryli Sinclair Mystery #4)


Gather your party hats and magnifying glasses and help these ladies “get a clue.” Cozy Mystery Author Jenna St. James will tickle your funny-bone with this latest hysterical caper. Ryli Sinclair and her ever-astonishing and outrageous Great Aunt Shirley team up again in this non-traditional Cozy that will amuse and entertain you! 

It's Aunt Shirley's birthday, and the former Private Investigator wants to spend it with her favorite girls on a weekend getaway. Unfortunately, the weekend getaway includes a trip to a WhoDunIt Murder Mystery Bed and Breakfast. The weekend of harmless fun gets a bit too real when an actual body is discovered, and Ryli and the gang try to gather clues to solve the mystery, hoping that it was merely a random act. When a second body is discovered, however, the gals realize that there is a killer is on the loose, and that everyone from the owners, to the workers, to the other theater-going participants, are all suspects. The local Sheriff enlists the help of Ryli and Aunt Shirley and hilarity ensues. Tossing back tequila shots and riding high atop a mechanical bull, Aunt Shirley is determined to discover the secrets everyone is hiding, before another victim is found.   (Summary via Goodreads)

The Ryli Sinclair Mystery series by Jenna St. James are so fun to read and Bed, Breakfast and Murder is no exception !!!   You cannot help but fall in love with Ryli and her family and especially her Aunt Shirley !!!  And in this 4th installment in the series, St. James and Aunt Shirley do not disappoint you !!!

So it's Aunt Shirley's birthday and she wants to go to a bed and breakfast for a Murder Mystery weekend package.  Ryli, Aunt Shirley, Ryli's mom Janine and Ryli's best friend/sister-in-law, Paige load up the Falcon and away they go !!  They are hoping to hit some wineries, take a horse ride, relax, and solve a make believe murder or two.

Everything is running smoothly on the first night when the first murder happens and its Colonel Musgaard (like Mustard  in the Clue clever) and they are having fun trying to figure out who poisoned his drink.  Unfortunately everything changes the next day.....

After breakfast the ladies head over to the barn to go horseback riding and Ryli stumbles across a dead body !!!  Trent Starnes, who takes care of the horses and helps out at the bed and breakfast is dead on the barn floor.

After the sheriff learns of Ryli and Aunt Shirley's history and knack for solving murders he enlists their help.  Of course, Aunt Shirley takes it a few steps further than the intended questioning the guests and owners....but that wouldn't be Aunt Shirley if she didn't.

The inn's owners, staff and guests are in for a wild ride on top of the "planned" murders and Aunt Shirley and Ryli are in the driver's seat.  

I love the way that St. James takes an innocent weekend away for the girls and turns it completely upside down, inside out and backwards.  And the relationship that Ryli and Aunt Shirley have is amazing....they love each other but can't stand each other but end up sharing a room and the queen size bed and it's all in a normal day for them.  I also enjoyed getting to know Ryli's mom more and seeing how she handles Aunt Shirley.  

The Ryli Sinclair Mystery series is a treat to read !!!  With every new book in the series you fall in love with Ryli and Aunt Shirley more as well as get to know the rest of the family and friends.  And boy the way that Bed, Breakfast and Murder ended, you will be waiting and longing to see where the next book takes you.......

Review by Missi S.

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