Thursday 10 December 2015

Santa Sleuth (Zoe Donovan Mystery Book 18) by Kathi Daley

Santa Sleuth (Zoe Donovan Mystery Book 18)

It's Christmas in Ashton Falls and the entire Zimmerman household is gearing up for their first Christmas as a newly formed family unit. While Zak is busy decking the halls, Zoe is busy tracking down a killer while still taking the time to make certain a little girls Christmas wish comes true. It's funny, it's family, it's a Zak and Zoe Christmas.  (Summary via Goodreads)

Another 5 star book from Kathi Daley. If you have not picked up one of her books yet you should. If you are looking for a great mystery full of surprises, romance, and family this is the book for you. 
Everything starts out so so for Zoe. She has to dress up as Santa for the Santa booth at the annual Christmas festival because Levi is MIA. She eventually gets settled after the suit she is wearing is stuffed with pillows to make her look the part. She begins to have little ones hop on her lap and start asking for Christmas wishes. One wish she hears brings tears to her eyes. She is determined to make this and others wishes come true. 
Everything changes in an instant, one minute she is leaving the festival and the next she wakes up in the hospital as a possible suspect in a murder that she can't remember. What a way to start Zak and Zoe's first Christmas married. Yikes! Zoe is now on a mission to find the killer and spend Christmas with her family at home and not from a cell. 
Make sure you hold on tight for this wild adventure. There are tons of twists and turns, suspects, secrets, special deliveries, and of course mystery to be had in this latest Zak and Zoe adventure. I loved it and can't wait till the next.

( Review by Penny M.)

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