Tuesday 15 December 2015

Going Coastal (A Kate Matthews Mystery) by Jane DiLucchio

Going Coastal by Jane DiLucchio

A client dying on her massage table is traumatic enough for Kate Matthews, but when the police declare that death a murder, life becomes more painful for her as she is cast as the major suspect.

None of this is what Kate expected from her move to the peaceful town of Santa Barbara. After a near-fatal heart attack, an early retirement from her Los Angeles law firm, and a change in careers, Kate envisioned a quiet life with her wife, Alicia, and their grown children.

Since the client held a position on the California Coastal Commission, her death becomes a media event. Kate finds herself and her family sucked into the maelstrom. The former lawyer has all she can do to find the truth behind Celia's death without adding her own name to the body count.
  (summary via Goodreads)

I really enjoyed reading this book. I had a hard time putting it down during the holiday. The plot and characters flowed so well you were on another chapter before you realized it. That's ok, sleeping is overrated. LOL I loved how the author showed the relationship between Kate and Alicia as a loving married couple. Also how their families integrated and how they were able to deal with difficult situations. You will fall in love with these characters. Kate is a strong independent woman who has had to retire early from her law firm due to a mild heart attack. Now she is working as a part time masseuse. Then you have Alicia, Kate's wife who is a very busy real estate agent who is also a very strong women. Both of these incredible women have raised two great kids, Ben and Sarah. Ben actually helps his mom by making oils for each of her clients. Sarah is in law school planning to take her boards next year and is planning her wedding to David Silver who is also going to be a lawyer.
Since Kate had her heart attack Alicia has been trying to keep Kate's stress level low. You would think that being a masseuse would help but when Kate shows up to her Sunday clients house all hell breaks loose. Celia Tucker is on the Coastal Committee and described as a pain in the butt. When Kate goes to give her the massage Celia breaks out into hives and her airway closes. Kate immediately gives Celia her Epi shot but it doesn't help. Why didn't it work? The police detectives show up asking the same question and Kate ends up being the prime suspect. This also leads others members of the family down the rabbit hole putting even more stress on everyone. Kate begins pulling a few strings and with the help of her family and friends starts to investigate. She not only wants to clear her name, get her business, and find the real killer but she wants to be there for her wife and kids. She and Alicia have a wedding to help get under way while all of this is going on around them. Will they be able to pull all of this off before someone else gets hurt???
You will enjoy this mystery adventure, who done it. Not everyone is who they appear to be and money doesn't always keep secrets at bay!

Review by Penny M.

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