Friday 22 December 2023

Isabella in the Attic (Mistletoe Inn Mysteries Novella # 1 ) by Margaret Evans with Julie Hatton (illustrator)

When Laura Keene and her husband Connor are invited to spend Christmas with the sixty-five-year-old Kovacs triplets at Mistletoe Inn, mystery abounds. Laura's mostly invisible cat, Empress Isabella, tags along, so you can't guess what will happen! Join the mysteries and the wacky fun as Charlie, Harry, and Will Kovacs each search for something in their family history, but what they find may not be what they expect.In Volume 1, Charlie searches for the meaning of his family's history when they fled tyranny and finds more than he ever wanted to know. How will it turn out? Only Empress Isabella Isabella in the Attic.  (Summary via Goodreads)

Margaret Evans has a new mystery series called Mistletoe Inn Mysteries and Isabella in the Attic is the first novella in this series.  

If you are a fan of Margaret Evans, hopefully, you have read her Second Treasures Mystery series.  In that series you are introduced to Laura Rage Keene who owns a second hand thrift shop and lives above it.  Her family, the Rage's, were one of the founding families of Raging Ford, Minnesota.  The Second Treasures Mystery follows Laura as she falls in love with the Lieutenant of the Police force as she helps solve murders that she gets involved in.  In this series you are also introduced to her friends and other business owners.  There is also a gray cat that lives there, however, only Laura and Connor can see her .... until.....

In this new series, Mistletoe Inn Mysteries Laura and her new husband Connor are invited to spend Christmas and New's Year with the Kovacs triplets at the Inn.  The Inn has been in the Kovacs family for a long time and it holds lots of history.

So Laura and Connor pack up and head to the town Rocking Chair where the Inn is located.  They believe they are going to go celebrate the holidays and eat food and have fun with Harry, Charlie and Will and relax .... but Empress Isabella is going to throw a few wrenches in that.

In Isabella in the Attic, while the triples wait for the arrival of their guests, Charlie decides to continue researching his family's history and how they came from Hungary to the Unites States, changing their names and everything.  He has a very personal reason why this research has become so important but he is afraid to share it until he can figure it out for himself ... and he may have help from Isabella.

Evans knows how to weave a captivating story and hook readers immediately ... and who wouldn't love a "magical" cat that only allows certain people to see and love her ?  And Isabella in the Attic is the first of three novella that you will want to dive into !!

You can read about Isabella, Laura and Raging Ford with all it's amazing characters in the Second Treasures Mystery series as well as A Trilogy of Holiday Mysteries Starring Empress Isabella.  Also be on the look out for Isabella in the Cellar and then Isabella in the Kitchen.

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