Sunday 17 December 2023

Game Over at Guild Hall (Pret’ Near Perfect Mystery Book #3) by Patricia Meade

“It’s game on when the longtime organizer of the annual Game Supper is murdered right in front of the diners. Readers who enjoy mysteries set in colorful rural settings will love Game Over at Guild Hall.” —Sue Ann Jaffarian, author of the Odelia Grey and Ghost of Granny Apples mysteries 

In rural Vermont, where hunting and trapping are a way of life, nothing is bigger than the annual wild game supper at Guild Hall. Stella can’t wait to sample the exotic dishes prepared by her neighbors, but when the longtime organizer of the supper falls dead, a victim of poisoning, Stella’s appetite—along with a roomful of suspects—vanishes. Then that same night someone ransacks the hall’s kitchen, presumably to destroy any evidence, and spots Stella snooping. Now she fears she may be the next target.Certain the only way to save herself is to find the culprit, Stella digs into the victim’s life hoping to discover who might have wanted him dead. It turns out he’d made countless enemies over the years, as volunteers at the event were run ragged and hunters who wanted their food included were shunned. What’s more, Stella discovers the victim had unearthed a shameful and long-buried secret at the hall itself. With the list of possible suspects growing and her life in danger, Stella zeroes in on a clue that could break the case wide open—as long as she can stay out of the killer’s crosshairs . . .

 Praise for the Books of Amy Patricia

 The first in a new series for Meade features yet another set of bright young detectives . . .” —Kirkus Reviews

Quaint characters and settings abound in this outing by New Yorker-turned-Vermonter Amy Patricia Meade.” —Mystery Scene

“Meade’s debut will strike a chord with fanciers of Dorothy Sayers’s Peter Wimsey and Harriet Vane.” —Publishers Weekly

“If only Katharine Hepburn, Cary Grant, and Jimmy Stewart were still alive. They would be fabulous in the movie version of Meade’s debut Marjorie McClelland mystery . . . Meade’s kickoff mystery is a winner.” —Booklist

“Meade successfully segues from her historicals (Black Moonlight) to this snappy yet traditional contemporary. She brings us pitch-perfect dialogue, original characters, and enormous potential for a fun series.” —Library Journal

“A fairly straightforward plot with a neat twist at the end, good characters, and a well-drawn location make for a good read.” —The Bookbag

About the Author of the critically acclaimed Marjorie McClelland Mysteries, Amy Patricia Meade is a native of Long Island, New York, where she cut her teeth on classic films and books featuring Nancy Drew and Encyclopedia Brown. After stints as an Operations Manager and a freelance technical writer, Amy relocated to southwest England, where she was a featured author at Agatha Christie’s Annual Greenway Literary Festival. Now residing in Upstate New York, Amy spends her time writing mysteries with a humorous or historical bent. When not writing—which is rare these days—Amy enjoys traveling, testing out new recipes, and classic films.  (Summary via Goodreads)

Game Over at Guild Hall is the third book in Amy Patricia Meade's Pret' Near Perfect Mystery series and you will have a greater understanding for hunting and preparing the meat after reading this story ..... and you may come to enjoy it or look at it completely differently ... either way, you will have a great time reading it.

In Game Over at Guild Hall main characters Stella and Nick are excited to be attending their first game dinner.  This game dinner is a very popular event at one of the local churches in their town of Teignmouth in Vermont.  Stella and Nick recently moved there for Nick's job as a forest ranger and have met some awesome friends, one of which is the local Sheriff who Stella has assisted in a few murder cases.  

This game dinner is a huge event that has multiple seating times with over 800 people attending.  All of the dishes, except for the vegetables and desserts, are made with meats made by local residents with the meat that they have hunted.  The main organizer, Warren Bessette, takes great pride in this event and is determined to have it grow every year.  The money raised goes to the Samaritans Club and St. Timothy's, the church that they have the event is donated by Father Cartwright.

Unfortunately while Stella and Nick are attending their assigned seating for the dinner with their friends Sherriff Mills and his new fiance Alma, Warren collapses and dies almost instantly.  Even thought the medical examiner rules it a heart attack, Stella and Mills do not agree ... and are not surprised when it is soon ruled a murder.

Sheriff Mills decides to deputize Stella so that she can assist in the investigation seeing as she has helped solve previous cases.  Unfortunately the arrival of Stella's mother makes it a bit difficult as Stella doesn't want to upset or disappoint her mother now that her mother has come to visit with bad news of her own.

Readers cannot help but love this story and this series.  The characters are people you would love to have in your life, you will want to move to Vermont and live in this adorable little town ... as long as you don't have to be involved with the murder cases ... or maybe you would want to be just like Stella.  Me, personally, I would rather be like Alma and bake yummy treats ... and eat all of them !!!  Regardless I am sure you will LOVE this series ... as well as everything else Meade has written or will write !!!!

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