Sunday 3 May 2020

Tiaras & Terror (Aloha Lagoon Mysteries #13) by Anne Marie Stoddard

Tiaras & Terror (Aloha Lagoon Mysteries, #13)
From USA Today bestselling author Anne Marie Stoddard comes a frighteningly fashionable mystery that asks the question: What do zombies, vampires, and beauty pageants have in common? They’re all about to make Kaley Kalua’s life a waking nightmare…

Happy Hula Boutique manager, Kaley, is excited to celebrate Halloween with her friends at Aloha Lagoon’s upcoming Alohaween Festival—that is, until her Aunt Rikki drags her to a ghoul-themed beauty pageant to cheer on her longtime nemesis, Harmony Kane. The competition is stiff, and things turn deadly when the winner is found staked with her own scepter and stuffed inside a coffin on one of the floats for the annual Halloween parade.

Kaley is even more shocked when she receives a call from Harmony, begging her to prove that she didn’t kill the woman. She reluctantly accepts, and with the help of her pal, Jamie, and the oh-so-tempting resort lifeguard, Noa, Kaley delves into the mysterious circumstances surrounding the beauty queen’s ghastly murder. Did a scorned pageant contender take out the competition, or does one of the judges have something to hide? It seems nearly everyone has a skeleton in their closet, and someone wants theirs to stay buried. Kaley finds herself in the killer’s cross-hairs, and if she doesn’t uncover the truth soon, she may wind up in a coffin of her own.

The Aloha Lagoon Mysteries:
Ukulele Murder (book #1)
Murder on the Aloha Express (book #2)
Deadly Wipeout (book #3)
Deadly Bubbles in the Wine (book #4)
Mele Kalikimaka Murder (book #5)
Death of the Big Kahuna (book #6)
Ukulele Deadly (book #7)
Bikinis & Bloodshed (book #8)
Death of the Kona Man (book #9)
Lethal Tide (book #10)
Beachboy Murder (book #11)
Handbags & Homicide (book #12)
Tiaras & Terror (book #13)

About Aloha Lagoon:
There's trouble in paradise...
Welcome to Aloha Lagoon, one of Hawaii's hidden treasures. A little bit of tropical paradise nestled along the coast of Kauai, this resort town boasts luxurious accommodation, friendly island atmosphere...and only a slightly higher than normal murder rate. While mysterious circumstances may be the norm on our corner of the island, we're certain that our staff and Lagoon natives will make your stay in Aloha Lagoon one you will never forget!   (Summary via Goodreads)

I know every time I read and review a book in the Aloha Lagoon Mystery series I say the same thing.....that I LOVE escaping with the characters in these books and hanging around the Aloha Lagoon Resort.....and after reading Tiaras & Terror, the thirteenth book in the series, I still feel that way.

Even though these books are all written by the different authors, some of the authors have written more than one book in this series.  Tiaras & Terror is written by Anne Marie Stoddard and she also wrote Bikinis & Bloodshed (book 8) and Handbags & Homicide (book 12).  So readers are familiar with more that just the resort when reading these stories.

Tiaras & Terror has the employees of the resort as well as the Happy Hula Dress Boutique employees getting ready for the week long Halloween celebration in town.  We, the readers, are hanging around with Kaley, her boyfriend Noa, and friends as they celebrate, work and get ready for this event.  Unfortunately the first thing to kick off the celebration is a Miss Undead Hawaii beauty contest and Kaley's least favorite co-worker, Harmony, is in it and everyone goes to cheer her on.  Not only does Harmony lose to Jade, an old rival in the pageant circuit but when Jade is found murdered the morning after winning the pageant Harmony she is looked at as a top suspect.  As if things can't get any worse, Harmony calls Kaley from the police station to help her clear her name !!!

We all know that Kaley cannot help but be a nice person so it is no surprise that she puts her differences with Harmony aside to help look into the murder but when someone else gets hurts and it looks like Kaley could have been the intended target, will she continue her "witch hunt"?

Like I said I LOVE escaping to Aloha Lagoon Resort.  No matter what book in this series you are reading you will feel like you are on the island and you didn't even have to pack or get a passport.  You also don't have to worry about getting too much sun but you will lose track of time.......

Review by Missi M.

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