Thursday 14 May 2020

20 Questions with Authors : Maria Schneider

Maria Schneider is the author of the Sedona O'Hala Mystery series.  There are four books (so far) in this series.  
They are :

Executive Lunch
Executive Retention
Executive Sick Days
Executive Dirt

She also has one book in the Haven Mystery series titled Catch an Honest Killer.

She also has the Moon Shadow Mystery series which is a paranormal, non-cozy mystery series.  There are 3 (so far) and they are :

Under Witch Moon
Under Witch Aura
Under Witch Curse

And she has one book in the Max Killian Investigations Mystery series titled Tracking Magic.  This is a paranormal short story.

Now let's get to know something about her personally.....

1.  What is your favorite color ?  Blue ranging all the way to deep purples

2.  Sunset or sunrise ?   Oooh, this is a tough one.  I'll go with sunsets.   But I love the hope that a beautiful sunrise brings.

3.  Coffee, tea or soda ?   Definitely tea.  Lemonade in the summer is my favorite drink and hot cocoa in the winter.

4.  What is your favorite movie ?  I so rarely watch movies.  I guess probably Sound of Music

5.  What are your favorite toppings on pizza ?  Cheese, fresh tomatoes from the garden, mushrooms and Italian Sausage!

6.  Cake or pie ? What is your favorite ?    You mean which cake is my favorite and which pie??? Because surely you don't want me to choose between the two...
Chocolate mousse pie.   Red Velvet Cake. 

7.  Favorite author (besides yourself) ?  Patricia Briggs.  But you know this is a tough question.  Can't we pick more than ONE????

8.  Horror movie or chick flick ??  Chick flick.  I can't watch or read horror.

9.  Cat or dog person ? Do you have any ? If so, what and names please....   Well, I like them both.  We own a cat.  His name is Leo, but he is also known as "the Convict."   My mom and dad own a Border Collie Dog.  His name is El Paso.  He loves to play chase.

10.  Ideal vacation ?  Probably Hawaii.  But I could be persuaded to spend a week in a Scottish castle. 

11.  Camping or 5 star hotel ?   I can do either.  But I'd pick the hotel if it was on hand.  It's hard to find one though in some places well worth hiking to.

12.  Favorite season and why ?  I love spring because I garden and that is when I plant and watch things grow and bloom.

13.  Name ONE thing you are afraid of ....  coronavirus

14.  Name ONE thing you cannot live without....  food.  I'm a foodie.  Love to cook and eat!

15.  What was your favorite subject in school ?  Well, I didn't much like school.  I didn't even like literature classes because I had to read books I didn't like.  I think biology because I was allowed to grow things during one segment.

16.  What was your least favorite subject in school ?  Physics.

17.  What movie have you seem more than once ?  Sound of Music

18.  What is your guilty pleasure ?  (Can't be an answer already given...)   I love to spend time online looking at Victorian dresses generally from late 1700 through 1800s.  It's a waste of time, but I do it anyway!

19.  Who is your celebrity crush ?  I don't have one.  I don't watch enough movies to even know a lot of celebrity names.

20.  Tell us something we don't know that you would like people to know about you .....   I love bees and even spiders.  I am not afraid of snakes.  I love to find purpose in things.  I still believe in magic and unicorns.  There must be fairies under the red-capped mushrooms and somewhere a lonely werewolf shifter looking for a mate.  I believe in love and family and God watching over all things.  I am a dreamer and will always reach for that which is just out of sight, just beyond the bend, right over the next mountaintop. 

To learn more about Maria and her books, go to :

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