Friday 2 September 2016

One Cuppa Brew: Book 1 in The Thyme for Tea Series by J. Louise Powell

One Cuppa Brew: Book 1 in The Thyme for Tea Series

SUMMER PRESCOTT BOOKS is thrilled to present: 
One Cuppa Brew - Book 1 in The Thyme for Tea Series!!! 
The fantastic debut book by Cozy author J. Louise Powell. 

‘Pastor’ Iris Marsha Potts is a retired minister who loves nothing more than spending her golden years sharing her love of tea, coffee, and good books with the people of Perdido Key, FL. When her friend William becomes the suspect in the murder of a newcomer to their retirement community, Iris’s heart wars with her instinct, as the rather mysterious gent tries to clear his name. Can she trust him? What does she really know about her friend, and why won’t he open up about his past? Friends, family and the local police are all put to the test in this suspense-filled first book of the Thyme for Tea series, and the ‘Pastor’ finds herself in the middle of trying to solve a murder, making the time for a cup of tea and her favorite yoga class along the way!  (Summary via Goodreads)

This book is a new series that will have you grabbing a cuppa tea and reading. It is a fun mystery that keeps you guessing till the end. This is a Christian Cozy that everyone can enjoy. Love how the main character is able to minister to her patrons as they grab a tea/coffee and a good book.

Iris Potts, Pastor as she is called, is a retired minister who is enjoying life running her dream Tea/ Bookstore in Perdido Key, Florida. When things go sideways for her friend William she doesn't realize just how upside down her life will become. William is accused of murdering the new comer to the retirement community. Now Pastor is trying to figure out whether or not to trust William who is very standoffish about his past and find a killer. Thank goodness Andy her son has come to help his mom and try and keep her safe..

I am looking forward to reading more of this series.

Review by Penny M.

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