Saturday 24 September 2016

Lethal Dose of Love by Cindy Davis

Lethal Dose of Love

What does it take to make a law-abiding, outgoing, philanthropic woman murder her only son? Sean's misdeeds began with the thefts of school kids' lunches and toys, and escalated to womanizing and blackmail. The town's reputation is in jeopardy. His mother puts up with it for twenty-seven years, four months and seventeen days-then she snaps.Claire devises a plan to poison him.Trouble is, she buys the plant, from which she derives the poison, in a good friends' shop. When Payton comes under suspicion for the murder, Claire descends into deep depression. She's committed one murder to protect her town, will she commit another to protect her friend?  (Summary via Goodreads)

Sackets Harbor is a quaint little town with tourist shops, restaurants, a marina and wonderful people.  In Sackets Harbor everyone knows everyone and they take care of each other.  Sackets Harbor is a great place to visit and live....except for one thing.....Sean Adams.  Sean Adams has lived in Sackets Harbor his entire life and has been a thorn in everybody's side......especially Claire's.

When Payton Winter's moves to town and opens Payton's Place - Exotic and Domestic Plants, it seems she unknowingly opens a window of opportunity for more than one member of the community a way to remove the thorn.

Unfortunately it puts Payton right in the middle of the investigation when Sean and his racing partner are found murdered during the first saliboat race of the season.  When the murder weapon is found to be poison from a plant that has been sold in Payton's store, Sergeant Espinoza will not rest until he captures the killer nor will he let Payton.

How can you find a murderer in a town full of people who wanted the deceased dead ?  Payton decides to take it upon herself to do some snooping and asking around.  Will she be killed next ?  Can she save this town and the people that are dear to her before it's too late ?

Cindy Davis will keep you guessing and wondering from page one until the end of Lethal Dose of Love.  Don't be so sure you know who the murderer is until you read till the end.  There is such a twist in the end that will be sure to blow your mind !!!

Review by Missi S.  

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