Friday 5 July 2024

Deep Wedded Blues (Deep Lakes Cozy Mystery Book # 5) by Joy Ann Ribar

Frankie’s plans for her daughter Sophie’s wedding are anything but spring breezes and blossoms. An unexpected hot spell ushers in a wave of mysterious deaths, at a time when Whitman County is missing its coroner. Garrett, who is also Frankie’s beau, is called away to Duluth to assist his former partner with a string of homicides. 

When Sophie becomes a quarantined bride, Frankie jumps into action to investigate the looming health crisis and its unknown cause. In Frankie’s struggle to overcome the blues, she questions the future of romance – both Sophie’s and her own. You’re invited to save the date for Deep Wedded Blues  (Summary via Goodreads)

Deep Wedded Blues is the fifth book in the Deep Lakes Cozy Mystery series by Joy Ann Ribar and you have to give it to main character Frankie Champagne because no matter what comes her way,she handles it like a pro.  And she is going to be tested over her limit in this book for sure !!

In Deep Wedded Blues Frankie's daughter Sophie is about to get married and Frankie is doing everything in her power to make sure it is magical.  Unfortunately there are things that will be out of her hands to control .... but she will do what she can to control it.

It all starts at the annual Spring Swing Fest at St. Anthony's Catholic Church ... it is a hot day and some of the elderly volunteers become ill.  People assume it is from the heat and working in the kitchen but it turns out that it is something more.  Then Frankie learns that some members of the Amish community nearby become ill and it looks like the same thing.  Frankie needs to find out what is going on and get on it fast when she learns that the bride-to-be was exposed to some of the patients when they were brought to the hospital and she was on shift.

Things become worse when it is learned that some of the patients have died from this mysterious ailment and Frankie cannot get any answers.  So Frankie and her partner Carmen decide to do some investigating on their own to see if they can shed some light on things.  And to make matters worse, Frankie's boyfriend Garrett was called away to look into a case elsewhere so he is not there to do the autopsies and support Frankie.

I, personally, could enjoy this series if we just followed Frankie around as she worked along side her crew at Bubble & Bake, hung out upstairs in her apartment above the bakery/wine bar, or walked along around Bountiful Fruits Vineyard.  How she has time to investigate murders and mysterious illnesses with everything she has on her plate is beyond me but I totally enjoy riding along with her as she does it all !!!

I highly recommend grabbing the books in this series and encourage you to grab a seat, drink and snack and hang out in Deep Lakes for a spell .....


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