Saturday 8 June 2024

Star Struck (A Hollywood Mystery Book # 2) by Marjorie McCown

Perfect for fans of Elle Cosimano and Kellye Garrett, in this second Hollywood Mystery, film costumer Joey Jessop discovers that Hollywood buries its secrets deep when a superstar’s assistant turns up dead.

Costumer Joey Jessop is working on a movie set in 1930s Hollywood and starring two of the world’s biggest stars. The male lead is also a dedicated social activist, and the female lead, Gillian Best, is known for her lifestyle brand. After a hit-and-run near the set, Joey realizes that the car involved belongs to Gillian, and she begins to wonder if the actress has more to hide than her Botox appointments.

Her suspicions deepen when Gillian’s personal assistant Rita vows to get revenge for Gillian replacing her and is found dead shortly after. Gillian quickly labels Rita’s death a suicide, and the police seem to agree–but Joey isn’t so sure.

With the police standing aside, it’s up to Joey to dig up the truth–but Hollywood stars know how to keep their secrets close, and a woman like Gillian Best won’t take kindly to someone sniffing around her affairs. Joey is certain that Gillian has something to hide–and she’s determined to find out what.  (Summary via Goodreads)

Star Struck is the second book in the Hollywood Mystery series by Marjorie McCown and even though I fell in love with the first book, Final Cut, I have to say Star Struck blew me away !!

In Star Struck main character Joey Jessop has returned to her job as a costumer for movies after suffering a horrible ordeal (you can read all about it in Final Cut) and it will get rocky quick !!  While working on movies sets is stressful enough, Joey witnesses a hit and run accident and cannot help but feel for the victim as she saw her mistreated just recently.  And when Joey sees the personal manager of one of the tops stars of the movies by the car involved, she wonders what is going on.

Joey has enough on her plate with the movie and now they are changing the sequence order of filming meaning that they need to push on getting a lot of costumes ready ahead of the previous schedule.  And to make matters even worse, Gregory, who contacted Joey for this movie had to rush back to the UK for a family emergency leaving her and Bill, the costume supervisor, to handle all the costumes and getting the actors fitted perfectly.

And, of course, even though that is enough to drive anyone crazy, Joey still feels bad about the hit and run victim and wants to find some justice for her but the movie must go on .... But when Joey and another employee are at Gillian's, the female main character's house for a fitting, they witness a bizarre scene between Gillian, her daughter and others.  This will prompt Joey to again stick her nose into things and readers will be in for a crazy ride !!!

Readers will love this story, as well as the first, and I am sure all future books in this series.  No matter what is thrown at Joey, even if she gets knocked down, she always manages to get up and keep fighting and readers cannot help but cheer her on !!!

I cannot stress it enough .... GO GET YOUR COPY AND START READING !!!  You will want to thank me ... but that is not necessary !!

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