Tuesday 23 April 2024

To Slip the Bonds of Earth (Katharine Wright Book # 1) by Amanda Flower

While not as famous as her older siblings Wilbur and Orville, the celebrated inventors of flight, Katharine Wright is equally inventive – especially when it comes to solving crimes – in USA Today bestselling author Amanda Flower’s radiant new historical mystery series inspired by the real sister of the Wright Brothers.

December 1903: While Wilbur and Orville Wright’s flying machine is quite literally taking off in Kitty Hawk, North Carolina with its historic fifty-seven second flight, their sister Katharine is back home in Dayton, Ohio, running the bicycle shop, teaching Latin, and looking after the family. A Latin teacher and suffragette, Katharine is fiercely independent, intellectual, and the only Wright sibling to finish college. But at twenty-nine, she’s frustrated by the gender inequality in academia and is for a new challenge. She never suspects it will be sleuthing…

Returning home to Dayton, Wilbur and Orville accept an invitation to a friend’s party. Nervous about leaving their as-yet-unpatented flyer plans unattended, Wilbur decides to bring them to the festivities . . . where they are stolen right out from under his nose. As always, it’s Katharine’s job to problem solve—and in this case, crime-solve.

As she sets out to uncover the thief among their circle of friends, Katharine soon gets more than she bargained She finds her number one suspect dead with a letter opener lodged in his chest. It seems the patent is the least of her brothers’ worries. They have a far more earthbound concern—prison. Now Katharine will have to keep her feet on the ground and put all her skills to work to make sure Wilbur and Orville are free to fly another day.  (Summary via Goodreads)

I love when I am reading a book and I cannot put it down !!!  I hate when I am reading a book and I cannot put it down !!!  And I know other readers feel exactly what I mean !!  As much as you love the book and cannot stop reading it, you are also torn because you don't want to get to the end because then it will be over.....
To Slip the Bonds of Earth is the first book in the new Katharine Wright Mystery series by Amanda Flower and it is a HIT !!
In To Slip the Bonds of Earth Flower writes about the Wright Brothers and their family but have their sister, Katharine, as the focal point.  Katharine's brothers Orville and Wilbur are away working on their flying machine and send a telegram home stating that they have achieved their goal !!  Soon after the telegram is received the two Wright brothers return home for the Christmas holiday and to celebrate. 
Unfortunately things do not go as planned as Katharine's best friend Agnes invites her to a holiday party at the Shaw's grand estate.  Katharine would love to stay home because she had to discipline Benny Shaw, one of her students, right before the holiday break.  So she gets her brother Orville to attend the party with her.  Sadly neither of the Wright siblings knew that they would come across a dead body in the billards room, Orville will lose important papers, and Benny will be arrested for the murder !!!
Katharine should be spending her holiday break getting in the Christmas spirit shopping, baking cookies,  and spending time with her family.  But she finds herself looking into the murder because she knows that Benny is innocent and Orville has asked her to help him find the missing papers so he doesn't have to disappoint and upset Wilbur.
Readers will LOVE this story ... there is so much going on that you will be roped in immediately and unable to unravel yourself ... not that you would want to.  You will love the storyline, the characters, oh who am I kidding .... you will love everything !!!  I cannot stress it enough ... this is a book and a series that you didn't know you needed in your life until now !!!!

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