Monday 22 January 2024

Showdown at the Saloon (A Ghost Town Mystery Book # 3) by Jamie L. Adams

From author Jamie L. Adams comes a cozy mystery that fans of Yellowstone will fall in love with! 

Lily Cranston couldn’t be happier with the way her life has turned out thus far. Managing the Calico Rock Mine and Ghost Town in her hometown of Grady, California is a dream come true. Employed by the city she and her sisters grew up in gives her a sense of belonging and stability. Like a well-oiled machine, the work of her faithful and dedicated staff allows her to spend more time with her hunky boyfriend, CSI Cody West. Life is finally looking up...until the night she finds the body of an apparent hitman on the side of the road! As if that weren’t bad enough, in his pocket is her sister’s name and address.Has someone really put a hit out on sweet, lovable Ava? To keep her sister safe, Lily must once again use her sleuthing skills to unlock the mystery. Her search for answers takes her on a journey filled with family secrets, ghost seekers, organized crime, and more suspects than she can count. As the possibilities mount without any clear answers, time may be running out for more than just one of the Cranston sisters. 

"The Ghost Town Mystery book series is going to be a favorite of mine!"~ Cozy Mystery Book Reviews "

Murder at the Mine Earns 5/5 Calico Bonnets … Clever Cozy Fun!"~ Kings River Life Magazine.  (Summary via Goodreads)

Showdown at the Saloon is the third book in the Ghost Town Mystery series written by Jamie L.  Adams.  The Ghost Town Mystery series is such a treat to read that it will become one of your favorite series to keep track of.

In the Ghost Town Mystery series readers are introduced to the Cranston sisters .... Lily, Ava, and Pat.  Lily and Ava live together in the family farmhouse while Pat who is married lives with her husband Jack, who is the local Sheriff and their two kids.  Lily is dating Cody who is also in law enforcement and Ava who is widowed recently started dating Parker who works at the Calico Rock Mine and Ghost Town with Lily and Ava.

In the Showdown at the Saloon Lily comes across a dead body on the side of the road on her way home from work one night.  The deceased man does not have any identifaction on him but does have Ava's name and address on a sheet of paper in his pocket.  Once the man is identified it is learned that he is a hitman.  This puts everyone on high alert with Pat, Jack and the kids moving into the farmhouse to look after Ava.

Even though Jack and Cody tell Lily to leave the investigation alone and let the professionals do their jobs, there is no way she can ignore the fact that her sister could be in danger.  Lily, Ava and Pat do one of the things they do best and stay up late into the night discussing the case after Lily has done her own investigation and talking to people they suspect.

The police determine that the hit and run accident was just that an accident and Ava is not in any danger so everyone lets down their guard .... until it is almost too late for Ava and Lily.

The Ghost Town Mystery series will become a favorite for readers !!  You will love everything about this series and be on the look out for the next installment so that you can dig in as soon as it is published !! 

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