Tuesday 25 July 2023

All That Glitters Isn't Old (Whit and Whiskers Mystery Book # 3) by Gabby Allan

The bubbly fun of a rom-com meets the irresistible quirkiness of a cozy mystery in this buoyant new rom-cozy set off the coast of Southern California. It’s the perfect vacation spot for those who want to get away from it all. Unfortunately for Santa Catalina boat tour guide Whitney Dagner and her chonky cat Whiskers, it’s also the perfect vacation spot for people who want to get away with murder…

"A purrrfect mystery to curl up with!" - Modern Cat

When she’s not piloting a glass bottom boat, showing the sights to tourists, Whit sells seashells by the seashore—among many other sea and sand souvenirs—to help keep her family shop, Nautically Yours, afloat. It’s a far cry from her corporate climbing ladder life in Los Angeles, but Whit and her frisky feline, Whiskers, love calling Catalina home and being close to family. Especially Whit’s grandmother Goldy, a fun and feisty senior who always marched to the beat of a different drum.

In her youth, Goldy was an item with a Catalina catch named Darren. But it was actually a ruse to fool Darren’s parents who wouldn’t have accepted his preference for men. Eventually, he left the island and chose the life—and life-partner—he wanted for himself. Back in town for his mother’s funeral, Darren takes the opportunity to heal his open wounds, and settle some scores.

In a surprise to the residents, Darren produced a documentary about the history of Catalina, and has arranged a premiere screening in the local theater. But his film career is cut short when his partner’s dead body is discovered the night before the opening. Rumors swirl about Darren’s past, along with his partner’s—and the things they’ve done—giving a lot of folks a lot of motives. Now, it’s up to Whit and her boyfriend policeman to catch a killer, and uncover just how much Grandma Goldy knows about the back door deals tied to Darren’s past . . .  (Summary via Goodreads)

The Whit and Whiskers Mystery series by Gabby Allan is a great series to get lost into.  This series is set on the island of Catalina which is off the coast of California.  The island is so small that residents get around on golf carts and everyone is on island time all the time....except when there is a murder !!

All That Glitters Isn't Old is the third book in this series and main character Whitney should be working in her touristy seaside shop, Dame of the Sea, or helping her brother Nick run the Nautically Yours, their glass bottomed tour boat, not helping an old friend of her grandmothers ... especially because he doesn't seem to want to help.

Darren, an old boyfriend of Goldy's returns to the island to attend his mother's funeral.  While Darren and his boyfriend, Jericho, are there, they have arranged to show a film  in the local theater that they were working on.  Unfortunately when a group of them are at the theater setting up, Jericho drops to his death from the rafters.

Goldy insists that Whit find the killer because she knows that Darren did not kill Jericho.  Whit isn't so sure that he is innocent and whenever she tries to talk to Darren, he is not willing to help.  While Whit tries to look into Jericho's murder, her relationships with those closest to her are put to the test and the new police Captain doesn't want her anywhere near the case..... that is until he comes to her with an offer.  

So it seems Whit has an in with Captain Ray but an out with all of the suspects.  But she does not give up ... even when the case turns into something out of an Indiana Jones movie and then all she wants to do is grab a shovel and start digging.......

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