Friday 24 February 2023

In Farm's Way (Farm to Table Mysteries #3 ) by Amanda Flower

Even the best-laid plants can go awry...

After solving a murder and getting her organic farm ready to overwinter, Shiloh Bellamy still expects the next few months to be busy with repairs, spring planning, and networking with local businesses. She might even be able to broker a new partnership with Fields Brewery and its organic brewer's association. Well, she could if the owner wasn't found murdered at the county Ice Fishing Derby.

Once again, Shiloh gets tangled up in the investigation when the police ignore an entire crop of suspects to blame one of her friends. She'll have to dig deep to find the truth, reel in a killer, and convince her city-slicker pug to wear his winter boots. But with Bellamy Farm still struggling, can Shiloh spare the time to look into the town's fishy characters? Or will her dream farm be the next thing floating belly up?

USA Today bestselling Amanda Flower returns to the Farm to Table cozy mystery series with another exciting sleuthing adventure!  (Summary via Goodreads)

Shiloh Bellamy will do anything for family, friends, the family farm and even people she doesn't like or know.  That is just the way that she is and anyone who knows her would appreciate that about her.

Shiloh Bellamy is the main character in the Farm to Market Mystery series by Amanda Flower,   In this series Shiloh has moved back home to the family farm to help run the farm for her father.  Shiloh was away in LA for fifteen years working as a producer so moving back to Cherry Glen is a huge adjustment for her and her pug, Huckleberry....and it seems that getting in the middle of a murder investigation is also something she does now as well.  

In Farm's Way is the third book in this series and when Shiloh is asked by her best friend Kristy to look into the latest murder, she cannot say no, especially when Kristy's husband Kent is the top suspect.  In Farm's Way Kent's part-time job is as a bartender at Field's Brewing Company and Kent is in a competition to have a beer he brewed to be the official beer in the upcoming Cherry Festival.  Unfortunately he losses the competition and the following day Shiloh finds the owner of Field's Brewing Company, Wallace Fields, under the ice at the local ice fishing contest.  And when Kent is rumored to be the last one in contact with Wallace, the police put him at the top of the suspect list.

Shiloh will do anything to help people in her town, especially her best friend, so when Kristy wants her to look into Wallace's death, she dives right in.  Luckily for Kent she uncovers a lot of people who had reasons to dislike Wallace but not sure if the reasons are murder-worthy.  And because the murder site was in another town, now she has two Sheriff's telling her to leave the inestigation alone.

Reader will love the Farm to Table Mystery series !!  You will love Shiloh, her father, the friends and people of Cherry Glen as well as the businesses.  You will feel like you are right there along side Shiloh as she interacts with everyone ... you will want to have a blanket nearby seeing as in the book it is the middle of winter and freezing in Cherry Glen ... you will feel the cold coming off of the pages.  And when you get to the end of the book, you may find yourself cursing Flower for how she ended the story .... especially when you go to turn the page and realize that is how she ended this book.  All the more reason for you to be looking for the next book to see where she takes the story next.

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