Friday 11 March 2022

Moonstones and Murder (Cozy Crystal Mysteries, #1) by Michael Lynes

Real murderers need a Heart of Stone: Meet Maggie and Mike Hartstone - parents of twin boys, entrepreneurs, and now empty-nesters. Mike is retired - not by choice- from his position as Chief of Police in the picturesque resort town of Hamilton. And now his wife Maggie, and her shop the Cozy Crystal, are their only source of income. When a mysterious killing interrupts Hamilton's famous Springfield Park Rockshow, the townsfolk, the Cozy Crystal, and their lives are rocked to the core. Can Mike and Maggie figure out who is behind the murderous deeds - before the town comes crashing down around them? A touch of romance, a little mayhem, and a whole lot of suspense, along with plenty of comedy, and thrills galore! Get your crystal magnifying glass out - it's time for some Moonstones and Murder!  (Summary via Goodreads)

Readers are going to want to grab their copy of Moonstones and Murder by Michael Lynes.  This is the first book in his Cozy Crystal Mysteries series and the rollercoaster ride you will go on will be unforgettable !!  As soon as you think you know what is going on there will be a curve thrown and you will be somersaulting out of control....and loving every minute of it !!!

In Moonstones and Murder readers are introduced to a quaint town that you will want to move to and start getting to know the town and the people.  And the couple that you will want to live next door to are Maggie and Michael Hartstone.  Michael has just retired as the Chief of Police in Hamilton but not by his choice and his wife Maggie owns the Cozy Crystal store.   They are attending the semi-annual Springfield Park Rock and Gem Show when the mayor is about to make a big announcement but before she can do that, another local shop owner also attending the show crashes into the crowd with a stab wound....and this is right after Maggie's employee is arrested at their booth !!  And things just seem to go downhill from there.....

The town of Hamilton is full of secrets and Maggie and Michael are just starting to scratch the surface....and they have no idea how deep it will go.  They will do whatever it takes to save their friends and neighbors and bring the town back to the place they love.

There is no way for readers to know what is going to happen as they read this story.  Lynes imagination and way with words will blow readers minds !!  There is no way to solve the cases that develop in the story so you are better off sitting back with a snack and drink and enjoy the journey.  And you will be in complete shock when you get to the last page....and you will want more and more from Lynes and this series.

Review by Missi M.

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