Saturday 13 February 2021

Finished Off in Fondant (Courtney Archer #2) by Rosemarie Ross

Hosting a friendly competition reality cooking show could be the perfect career boost for Chef Courtney Archer--but when her co-host is found murdered, Courtney must work through layers of deception to find the real culprit.

Despite a few early hiccups, Courtney is thrilled with her starring role on The American Baking Battle, filmed at a grand resort in the Pocono Mountains. The icing on the cake? The new season has a wedding theme--complete with formalwear. But the first day on set, the producer seems to care more about profits than pastry--and the topper comes when her cohost Skylar falls ill. Little does she know things are about to end in tiers...

When a barely coherent, blood-covered Skylar is discovered at the doorway of his room, Courtney is horrified to walk inside and find a towering wedding cake--thoroughly smashed by the body of a woman in a bridal gown. Now suspicion is filling the studio and falling on Skylar, and Courtney has to look at coworkers and contestants, working through layers of deception to find the real culprit...
   (Summary via Goodreads)

Finished Off in Fondant by Rosemarie Ross is such a FUN read !!  Finished Off in Fondant is the second book in her Courtney Archer Mystery series and readers cannot help but fall in love !!

Finished Off in Fondant follows main character Courtney Archer as she is co-hosting The American Baking Battle and her friend Shannon is one of the judges.  The show is filmed at the Coal Castle Resort where her Cooking with the Farmer's Daughter show is also filmed.  While filming is going on everyone is staying at the resort which Courtney is quite familiar with having done it before.  Unfortunately a lot is going on with Courtney as she has decided to come clean to her viewing audience and tell the truth about her background.  After she tapes the truthful episode she cannot stop thinking about what that will do to the show, her fans, as well as everyone employed on the show, especially her producer and dear friend, Eric.  

Courtney doesn't have long to wallow in her self-pity because her co-host, Skylar, on the baking show returns to his room at the Castle to a dead body !!  Unfortunately he doesn'ty know how the deceased ended up in his room or who killed her.  Courtney knows that there is no way that he could have killed the woman even though he did have history with her.  Courtney cannot help but try to find out the real killer even if it makes everyone a suspect and gets Courtney in hot water !!

Readers will be drawn to the storyline immediately and you will feel like you are right there next to Courtney as she tapes the show and moves around the resort.  You will love the cast of characters from the celebrities to the contestants to the employees working around the resort.  Even though there is a long list of suspects for readers to chose from, you will still be in shock when the killer is revealed !!!

Review by Missi M.

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