Tuesday 14 July 2020

Murder at the Falls (Creature Comforts #3) by Arlene Kay

Murder at the Falls (Creature Comforts #3)

Army vet Persephone “Perri” Morgan has found a second career handcrafting leather pet accessories—and a satisfying sideline in training therapy dogs. But there’s no cure for a cold-blooded murderer. . . .
Perri and her BFF Babette Croy team up to bring their therapy dogs to an upscale senior living facility. But The Falls’ pleasant façade hides some unpleasant secrets. Valuables are missing, feuds fester, and one resident even fears for her life. Sprightly senior Magdalen Melmoth swears she’s being targeted because her grandfather was none other than Oscar Wilde, and her legacy includes an unpublished novel by the literary genius.

Convinced it’ll take more than calming canines to sniff out the truth, Perri enlists the help of her beau, hotshot reporter Wing Pruett. When a nurse is poisoned by chocolates sent to Magdalen, and a physician is brutally murdered, the case takes a deeply troubling turn. Perri, Babette, and their furry friends race to bring a killer to heel, but can they outsmart an enemy who’s simply bad to the bone?   (Summary via Goodreads)

Murder at the Falls is the third book in the Creature Comforts series by Arlene Kay and I can honestly say that readers will be unable to stop reading it !!

There is no way that readers will not like Persephone Morgan, Perri to her friends.  She has an interesting life to say the least.  She lives with 2 very protective and loving dogs, a finicky cat, a tempermental goat and a calming horse.  She also owns her own business that she works out of right at home.  She makes leather goods for horses, dogs and their owners.  She has a complicated best friend, Babette, and a semi-complicated boyfriend, Wing Pruett.  Semi-complicating because of Perri, not Wing.  And Perri also seems to end up around murder investigations.

In Murder at the Falls Perri, Babette, Rolf and Kate along with their dogs are visiting The Falls, a senior living facility, to provide dog related therapy to the residents.  Perri and Babette make friends instantly with two of the female residents, Magdalen and Irene. While visiting with their new friends, Magdalen tells them about a long loss manuscript that was supposedly written by Magdalen's grandfather, Oscar Wilde.  However, it is missing and it is also unclear if he was in fact her grandfather.  Magdalen asks Perri for her help and Perri does find the story interesting and so does her investigative boyfriend, Pruett.  Unfortunately before they can find out more about the missing manuscript, there is a murder at the Falls and Magdalen is the main suspect....of course right ??

Things are not what they seem to be within the walls of the Falls and residents as well as employees may be at risk there.  Perri, Babette, Pruett and Magdalen's attorney Micah decide to not only look into the missing manuscript and if Magdalen is related to the famous author, but they decide to poke around and see if they can solve the murder.  Unfortunately they may be biting off more than they can chew when there is another murder and the death of a previous resident is also being questioned.  These murders may all be linked.......

Readers will be hooked as soon as they start reading this story !!  Kay will draw you in until you are powerless to stop.  It's like she casts a spell on you to block everything out and focus only on Perri and what is going on in her town, especially at the Falls.......but don't worry.  The spell will be broken as soon as you read the last word.

Review by Missi M.

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