Tuesday 21 January 2020

Shadows on a Maine Christmas (Antique Print #7) by Lea Wait

Shadows on a Maine Christmas (Antique Print, #7)
Antique print dealer Maggie Summer has come to Maine for a storybook Christmas with her beloved Will Brewer and his Great-Aunt Nettie, who has gathered together her longtime friends for holiday celebrations. Maggie and Will love each other, although Maggie is determined to adopt children and Will has misgivings. But this problem is put on hold when Maggie hears cryptic references by Aunt Nettie s old friends to buried secrets from their youth. One elderly woman suffers from dementia, remembering those past events better than the gifts she just opened. Will she blurt out information about an old crime so dangerous that someone would commit murder to prevent its being revealed? Blackmail and murder are only the beginning. It may be a Merry Christmas but who will still be around to see in a Happy New Year?"  (Summary via Goodreads)

Adrenaline rush !!!  That is what the reader will feel when they are reading Shadows on a Maine Christmas !!  Shadows on a Maine Christmas is the seventh book in Lea Wait's Antique Print Mystery series and it will blow the reader's mind !!  If you are a fan of this series, which by now I seriously hope that you are, you know that when you pick up one of the books in this series, you are in for a crazy ride and Wait does not disappoint....if anything she goes way above and way beyond !!!

When you start to read Shadows on a Maine Christmas you may be a bit sad..... Main character Maggie Summer is going to Maine to spend Christmas with her love Will Brewer.  Will has moved to Maine to live with his Aunt Nettie and help take care of her while Maggie has been working on getting her adoption process moving forward.....both Maggie and Will are moving in very different directions and are planning to discuss their futures over Christmas.  That is why you begin reading this story feeling sad because you know in your heart that things could be ending for these two.  However before they can even open presents on Christmas morning there is a murder and the local police, State Trooper Nick Strait, who is a friend of Will's, looks to Maggie to help ask questions.

There is a lot going on in this story but Wait writes it so well that it is like a smooth jazz....flowing gracefully across the pages......until, of course, when the reader gets to a certain part in the book where you cannot stop reading !!  You will not want to stop....some may not be able to fight the urge.....  

The Antique Print Mystery series by Wait is a powerful series.  It has a powerful cast of characters and the way that Wait intertwines the story and the people and places, past and present, is an absolutely amazing talent and gift !!  I could stay in this series forever !!!!

Review by Missi M.

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