Thursday 10 October 2019

Battered: A Whipped and Sipped Mystery (Whipped and Sipped Mysteries Book 1) by G. P. Gottlieb

Battered: A Whipped and Sipped Mystery (Whipped and Sipped Mysteries Book 1)

Alene Baron is the proud owner of Whipped and Sipped, a café that offers healthful, delectable food and drinks. Her life consists of dreaming up new recipes, raising her three children, and arguing with her ex-husband--until her neighbor and close friend is murdered. She imagines nearly everyone she knows as a possible suspect. After a second attack, Alene is determined to find the true killer … before she, or her family, become targets. 

About the author: 
Already known for her imaginative baking and fabulous dinners, G.P. Gottlieb began writing throughout her varied career. After recovering from breast cancer, she turned to writing in earnest, melding her two loves, nourishment for mind and body in recipe-laced murder mysteries. She is also the host of New Books in Literature, a podcast of the New Books Network.   (Summary via Goodreads)

Not many people can say that they are doing what they love....but Alene Baron can say exactly that.  Alene is the main character in Battered : A Whipped and Sipped Mystery by G.P. Gottlieb.  She grew up working in Whipped and Sipped, a cafe owned by a dear friend of the family Gary.  And when Gary was ready to retire he sold it to Alene for a very good price.  Now she runs it with her best friend from college Ruthie.

Now don't go thinking Alene has a great life....because she does and she doesn't.  After her marriage broke up, Alene and her three kids moved back in with her father in the condo she grew up in.  Her father is not 100% healthy so moving back helps all of them.  Unfortunately Alene still has to deal with her ex-husband but some things you have to overlook.

When one of the neighbors finds Gary dead in her dining room, Alene jumps in with both feet to try to solve his murder.  Unfortunately she becomes suspicious of everyone and finds it hard to fiqure out....lucky for her the attractive detective assigned to the case is someone she met years ago.  He was extremely helpful back then so she knows he will be focused on Gary's murder but when he takes one of Gary's kids into custody, Alene begins to question his ability's to see right and wrong......

While Alene tries to keep some kind of normalcy in the cafe and her house, she cannot help but try to solve Gary's murder by finding the actual murderer.......not even knowing just how close this person actual is to everything......

Gottlieb has a winner with Battered : A Whipped and Sipped Mystery.  I could not put it down.  You cannot help but love Alene and the loving character that she is.  And the employees at the cafe and friends in her fathers building are a great bunch of people as well....even her ex-husband will grow on you, and not in a fungus kind of way.  I highly encourage readers to read this will enjoy hanging out with everyone !!! 

Review by Missi M.

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