Wednesday 24 July 2019

A Wicked Design (Belinda Lawrence Murder Mystery #5) by Brian Kavanagh

A Wicked Design (A Belinda Lawrence Mystery #5)
Belinda Lawrence returns to her home town of Melbourne, to discover a murder that's close to her heart. 
A murder which leads to the seat of political power, Parliament House. 
The various threads of deceit and intrigue are gradually unravelled and, with Hazel Whitby at her side, Belinda is confronted by warring political factions. 
The mystery deepens with the discovery of a priceless historical item, of value to both political powers, and which places Belinda's life in jeopardy. 
The gregarious Major; 
An enigmatic university Professor; 
Two colourful antique sellers; 
Eccentric retired music-hall entertainers; 
And Belinda's partner, Mark Sallinger...
...all immersed in the scheming and covert encounters besieging Belinda as she solves her most challenging mystery. 
Book Five in the Belinda Lawrence mystery series.  (Summary via Goodreads)

A Wicked Design by Brian Kavanagh is the fifth book in his Belinda Lawrence Murder Mystery series and it is the most INTENSE one so far !!!  I have been a devoted fan since I read the first book in this series Capable of Murder.  I have grown to love Belinda and her sidekick Hazel and have loved watching their relationship take shape.  And I have grown to love Belinda's relationship with Lord Mark Sallinger and was very happy when they decided to get engaged !!!

However everything changes with A Wicked Design !!!  That relationship between Belinda and Mark is challenged when Belinda's old boyfriend is murdered right before Belinda returns to her hometown to tell him face to face that it was definitely over and she was in love with Mark and planning to marry him.  And when Kavanagh "teases" the reader into thinking Mark may have killed Brad, the reader is going to want to speed read to the end to find out the outcome.....

Sadly Brad is not the only one to come to such a brutal end....when more people are found murdered and Mark is unreachable by phone and not answering Belinda's calls or text, what is one to think ?  Well Belinda and Hazel try to keep open minds as they try to find out who killed Brad and the others and why.

Kavanagh will capture the readers attention immediately and you will not want to put the book down until you reach the end and know the truth behind the murders and especially Brad's.  One cannot help but feel for Belinda as she tries to bring Brad's killer to justice and prove Mark's innocence and as always Hazel is there to help lighten the mood !!!

Review by Missi M.

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