Thursday 30 May 2019

Read on Arrival (Bookmobile Mystery #2) by Nora Page

Read on Arrival (Bookmobile Mystery #2)

Death, deadly omens, and a decades-overdue book put senior librarian Cleo Watkins on a collision course with a killer in the second Bookmobile mystery.

Septuagenarian librarian Cleo Watkins believes in gracious manners, sweet tea, and justice—library justice. For over forty years, Cleo has tried every trick in the book to get delinquent patron Dixie Huddleston to return the most overdue volume in Catalpa Springs, Georgia. When Dixie says she’ll finally relinquish the book, Cleo is shocked. She’s even more startled by the reason: superstitious Dixie says she’s seen the signs: she’s about to die and is setting her affairs in order.

Cleo dismisses Dixie’s ominous omens…until she and her gentleman friend, Henry Lafayette, arrive at Dixie’s home to find her dead. Cleo suspects murder. The police agree but promptly list Cleo among the likely culprits. To clear her good name and deliver justice, Cleo uses her librarian skills to investigate, with Henry and her trusty bookmobile cat, Rhett Butler, at her side.

However, the killer has opened a new chapter of terror. Death threats appear around town, and residents start seeing bad luck everywhere, including in Cleo and her beloved bookmobile Words on Wheels. With her bookmobile and legacy on the line, Cleo accelerates her sleuthing. Suspects and clues stack up, but so does the danger. Another death is coming due, and Cleo fears the killer may be about to turn the final page on someone she loves most.  (Summary via Goodreads)

Read on Arrival is the second book in the Bookmobile Mystery series by Nora Page and a fine second book it is !!  I fell in love with Cleo Watkins in the first book, Better Off Read and that love grew with this second installment in this series.

Cleo is not your average person....she is an elderly woman who loves her job as a librarian and especially the bookmobile she drives around town.  She is a devoted friend and animal lover.  She likes her simple, quiet, full of love life.....until someone in her quaint little town gets murdered !!  Then all bets are off.....Cleo will do whatever it takes to find justice !!  And it helps when her neighbor, Gabby, is a police officer....or maybe that doesn't help all that much....

In Read on Arrival Cleo has been trying to retrieve an overdue book for the library....this book is over 40 years overdue.  And the person that took the book out knows that Cleo is trying to retrieve it and thinks it is a hoot that she can't.  The book in question is a book about good luck and omens and Dixie will do everything it says to ensure that she has good luck.  However it seems her good luck is coming to an end and she has been getting threats telling her so.  She decides that she will finally return the book to the library and Cleo goes to her house to get it.....unfortunately when Cleo gets there not only is the book no where to be found but Dixie is found dead !!!

Dixie's death sets the town on edge and when everyone starts to receive death threats on coffin shaped paper, Dixie's best friend, Pat, pleads with Cleo to help her find out who killed Dixie.  This sets a spiral of events in motion.  Cleo has a lot on her plate as it is but wants to see her town returned to the quiet calm town that she loves so against her better judgement she sets out to find the killer and put a stop to all the threats !!!

Page has a captivating series in the Bookmobile Mystery series and a great group of characters.  The characters are people you wish were real and the town of Catalpa Springs is a town you would want to visit and maybe even live in and I know that the library is some where I would visit regularly !!!  I highly recommend getting lost in this series......

Review by Missi S.

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