Wednesday 6 March 2019

Murder Likes It Hot (Downward Dog Mystery #6) by Tracy Weber

Murder Likes It Hot (Downward Dog Mystery #6)
Yogini and amateur sleuth Kate Davidson will need more than Warrior Pose to solve a murder and help homeless teens

Newly married yoga instructor Kate Davidson feels stuck in low-energy limbo, despite her high-energy life. She's trying to conceive a child, keep her studio afloat now that the ultra-cheap Some Like It Hot Yoga studio has opened across the street, and start a yoga program at a local resource center for homeless youth.

When a center employee is found dead, Kate sets aside her fertility and financial woes to delve into the world of teenage homelessness. While digging for clues with her German shepherd Bella, Kate discovers that family can be formed by bonds stronger than shared DNA, and she must defend it at all costs.


"Gripping ... Those who like their cozies with a dark edge will be rewarded."--Publishers Weekly
   (Summary via Goodreads)

I am a HUGE fan of the Downward Dog Mystery series by Tracy Weber !!  Having read all but the first book in this series (not sure how I missed the first one....) I am an invested reader and feel like Kate (the main character) is a dear friend of mine.  I can tell you that Kate and her dog Bella hold a piece of my heart. I know, I know, I know that they are not real.....but if you read all of the books or even one of the books in this amazing series, you will know exactly what I mean !!!

In Murder Likes it Hot, the sixth book in the series, Kate and Michael are now a married couple trying to conceive a baby.  This is not an easy task for Kate due to medical issues. They are both running their businesses, Kate is running the yoga studio and Michael is running the pet store so they are beyond busy.  This doesn't stop Kate from helping out their long-time friend Sam.  She agrees to teach yoga at a center for homeless teens.  From the moment she takes the tour, she is drawn to one teen specifically.  Little does Kate know that this teen is going to change her and Michael's lives forever......

When the director of the center is found murdered and Rainbow, the teen Kate is drawn to, is the main suspect, Kate and gang work together to find the real killer and save Rainbow.  

Murder Likes it Hot is my favorite book in this series...... I love that Kate and Michael are now married and even though Kate always jumps head first into solving murders, she now has Michael jumping along with her.  I also love that her best friend, Rene, opened up her baby business right next door to Kate.  I always love when her mom, Dharma and Dale are involved.  You have to LOVE Dale with his overalls, baseball cap smelling like goats doing a 180 into lawyer-mode !!  And author Tracy Weber knows how to keep the reader flipping the pages reading as fast as they can.  

Weber draws the reader into the story and really sets the stage before the murder occurs.  The reader is allowed to reacquaint themselves with Kate and her life and gives the reader time to adjust to changes in Kate's life as well as introduce new characters.  So by the time that the unfortunate crime occurs, the reader is invested and now reads with a new help Kate solve the murder !!!

The only thing I don't like about this series is when I'm done reading and have to wait for the next book.  Weber knows exactly how to end each book making the reader a dedicated fan wanting more.  And with Murder Likes it Hot readers will be counting the days until the next book to see what trouble Kate unfolds.......

I HIGHLY recommend the Downward Dog Mystery series by Tracy Weber.  Whatever book you pick up and start reading will make you a fan for the rest of the books !!!

Review by Missi S.

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