Monday 18 February 2019

The Homicide Magnet (Grandma Bertha Solving Murders, #2) by Matt Ferraz

The Homicide Magnet (Grandma Bertha Solving Murders, #2)

Want a beach body? Kill somebody and dump the body on the beach!

A holiday by the sea turns into a nightmare after a man is found dead. Thankfully, Grandma Bertha is on the case. Accompanied by her dogs, powered by her beer and armed with her knitting needles, the old lady is known as The Homicide Magnet, for always being around when people get killed. Now she has to prevent the murder of a millionaire in the hands of his diabolical wife, decipher a most unusual clue and dig the past to solve a crime that left deep scars in a girl’s mind and body.
   (Summary via Goodreads)

The Homicide Magnet by Matt Ferraz is like reading 4 books in one !!!  As you travel along side Grandma Bertha as her and the doggies see the world, you also get to help her help people.  Even though you are reading the story of Grandma Bertha traveling, every where she goes she solves a crime.  And with each of these places and crimes, it is like you are reading a whole new book.

First you are at the beach with Grandma Bertha in Heart Shaped Murder.  There she is walking along the beach with the doggies and she is confronted by Winifred whose boyfriend has falled and broken his leg.  Unfortunately by the time they get back to where he was he is dead and not by natural causes.  And this is just after his father was murdered !!  Grandma Bertha can tell when things aren't what they seem and she also feels for people...especially ones who are being wronged.  Needless to say Grandma Bertha takes Winifred under her wing and helps solve two murders before she moves on in her travels.

Then Grandma Bertha meets Antoinette and Richard Wood in A Matter of Wife and Death and knows instantly that there is something seriously wrong in that relationship.  She meets them at the hotel but when they leave Richard invites her back to their house.....mansion actually.  Antoinette is not happy with that turn of events as she is trying to kill her husband so she can be a rich widow.  Of course with Grandma Bertha around that cannot happen.  Before Antoinette can compile a plan to kill both Grandma Bertha and Richard, Grandma Bertha outsmarts her.......

After making sure Richard is safe Grandma Bertha again moves on......  In A Study in Brown Grandma Bertha sees a couple on the street and can tell immediately by watching them for a few minutes that there is something serious wrong.  Unfortunately before she can figure it out, they enter their apartment building and moments later a car accident occurs and shots are fired inside the building....leaving the wife dead.  Grandma Bertha tries to figure out if the accident and the shooting are connected and if the husband is actually innocent for trying to shoot a burglar or guilty of shooting his wife......

Then we go with Grandma Bertha to visit an old friend, Marina, in Captured on Canvas.  Marina  has a party to unveil a painting she did.  It's a portrait of her mother but one of her guests sees something completely different.....leaving Grandma Bertha wondering if there is more to what the girl saw.....

Grandma Bertha has a way of friending people and getting them to reveil things they might not have told to anyone before.  She makes you feel loved and comfortable.  If you were wronged, she will do whatever she can to right that fact.  If you are innocent, she will do whatever she can to prove that fact.  If you are guilty.....beware !!!  Grandma Bertha may seem like an old lady who likes to drink and knit and take naps at the most inappropriate times, but do NOT underestimate her at all !!!!

The Homicide Magnet was sure a treat to read.  It was one book but four wonderful stories included.  Grandma Bertha is definitely someone you want on your side, and age is just a number to her !!  She is capable of solving any case and when she is done, she has made some amazing friends for life.

Review by Missi S.

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