Wednesday 22 March 2017

Bean in Love (Kelly Clark Mystery #2) by Annie Hansen

Bean in Love (Kelly Clark Mystery #2)

If you enjoyed, Give Me Chocolate, A Kelly Clark Mystery Book One, check out Bean in Love, A Kelly Clark Mystery Book Two. Kelly Clark and her sister are pulled into solving another murder mystery with a local disgruntled ghost as their number one suspect. 

"Annie Hansen has penned a lovely cozy mystery, Bean in Love. Suspense, ghosts...and a healthy dose of chocolate all added up to an enjoyable reading escape." Dorothy St. James, Author of the White House Gardener Mystery Series.   (Summary via Goodreads)

Bean in Love, Book two in the Kelly Clark Mystery series by Annie Hansen is off the charts amazing !!!  As in the first book, Give Me Chocolate, Hansen paints you a picture different from all other cozy mysteries.  As in Give Me Chocolate the death of a neighbor is not   ruled as a murder, it is ruled a suicide.  

When Brian, the curator of the History Center is found dead in the apartment above the museum, it is ruled  as a suicide.  But Nikki and Kelly don't believe that is the case.  Especially as Brian was just in Chocolate Love expressing his fear that a ghost was haunting him.  And once they speak with Brian's twin brother, William, it is clear that Brian would not have taken his own life.

Everyone is busy..... Nikki is working on obtaining a store a few buildings down to open up a coffee house, Adelle and family are downsizing, packing and getting ready to move into a smaller house, and of course, Kelly is trying to write as well as spend as much time as she can with Jack.

Nikki and Kelly want to help William with his brothers case but they are unsure how to do it.  While Kelly is having dinner with William to discuss the case, Nikki uncovers some information that explains everything......and boy does it !!!

As with Give Me Chocolate, Bean in Love allows the reader to really get to know Kelly and crew and fall in love with them and the town.  But don't worry it does not lack any of the cozy mystery aspects.....Hansen just has a different approach.  And her approach will definitely surprise the pants off ya !!!

Review by Missi S.

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