Monday 6 February 2017

The Courtyard Corpse: A Cassie Hall Concierge Mystery by Sherry Lodge

The Courtyard Corpse: A Cassie Hall Concierge Mystery

Can down-to-earth Cassie Hall prove her skills when she lands a plum concierge job at the upscale Parkstone? After discovering the dead body of a professional golfer, and resident millionaire, Kip Ace in the crabapple tree courtyard, Cassie finds the residents’ demands are the least of her worries.

With less than a day to catch the killer Cassie must sort through the residents’ motives which have piled up quicker than rent checks on the 1st of the month. Soon, mysterious power outages, a missing lease, and a wine cellar mystery are par for the course.

Everything is off-kilter with the building on 24-hour lock-down. Can Cassie find the holes in the residents’ stories before it’s too late?
   (Summary via Goodreads)

A murder that takes place and is solved within 24 hours is amazing ! !  And the fact that the police didn't solve it is even better !!  And when it's the girlfriend of the police detective that solves the case...well even better ! !

Cassie, who works the front desk of a very upscale residence, is late to work and while doing her rounds comes across a body in the courtyard.  And when she gets closer and finds out its one of the tenants in the building she is shocked !!  Kip Ace is a professional golfer and an idol of Cassie's....or at least he was before he ended up dead in the courtyard.

While Cassie's boyfriend homicide detective Eric and crew are interviewing all of the residents during a mandatory 24-hour lock-in Cassie tries to keep the peace with everyone while secretly doing her own investigating.  And when she finds out she is the top suspect and her job in in jeopardy she steps up her game !!!

The Courtyard Corpse by Sherry Lodge is the first book in her Cassie Hall Concierge Mystery series and is a great book to start a series with.  Lodge doesn't beat around the bush, or in this case the crabapple tree, with the murder.  She captivates you instantly !!  You get to meet a handful of the colorful residents in this posh posh apartment complex while hanging out in the luxurious lobby.  

I, for one, cannot wait for the next book to see what more we can find out about the characters and see what case Cassie can help Eric solve.

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Review by Missi S

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