Monday 21 November 2016

Mac N Cheese Murder: Book 5 in The Bandit Hills Series by Blair Merrin

Mac N Cheese Murder: Book 5 in The Bandit Hills Series

When a young woman is found brutally murdered by the side of the road, the sleepy little town of Bandit Hills is shaken to the core. With blood seemingly on everyone’s hands, this peaceful community of loving families and trusted relationships quickly becomes a hot bed of suspicion. Dirty secrets come to light, and greed and jealousy tear the community apart when darkness is exposed at the heart of even the most innocent of relationships. 

Cassie and Dash refuse to stand by and watch Bandit Hills fall apart. Working with local police, and more often on their own, the couple becomes caught up in a sticky, smoky, BBQ-sweet trail of intrigue that is more complex and sinister than either of them expected. Truly a fall-off-the-bone whodunit, Mac N Cheese Murder is the kind of finger licking good mystery that will have your stomach growling and your mind whirling until the very last bite.   (Summary via Goodreads)

Another great installment in The Bandit Hills series by Blair Merrin. Fun, fast paced is an understatement in the paranormal town of Bandit Hills where you never know what will happen next. 

Cass and her nerdy boyfriend Dash end up trying to exercise and end up finding a car and a dead body. That's Bandit Hills for ya! Things spiral from there when Cass finds out she knows the victim and something just isn't sitting well with her. Of course, curious Cass just can't let it go and begins to investigate much to the dismay of Dash. 

Excitement galore await readers in Mac N Cheese Murder book 5. 

Just a side note I love where Bonnie's character is headed but that is all I'll say. No spoilers here.

Review by Penny M.

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