Saturday 18 June 2016

The Dueling Pianos Murder by Kate Lucky

The Dueling Pianos Murder

A counterfeiter, a countess and a competitive eater... 
When one half of the Amazing Vroom Brothers floats to the top of a hot tub, piano tuner Sammy Young dives headfirst into finding who wanted the musical twin dead. With all the suspects sequestered in tiny Rooks Creek, the town’s crusty detective gives Sammy a green light to work the case. She uncovers stolen artifacts, a Vroom in a fur coat and a mysterious tattoo, but no solid leads to who silenced the music. As the roundup of suspects gets restless and pressure mounts to finger the killer and expose the true motive, Sammy and her tattoo-artist boyfriend rescue one suspect and concoct a plan to trap the real culprit. Will their craftiness snare the Vroom murderer or land Sammy in hot water? 

This is the second full-length cozy mystery novel in the Sammy Young Piano Tuner Mystery series. Be sure to check out book one - A Grand Murder.  (Summary via Goodreads)

This series is music to my ears!  The Dueling Pianos Murder is book two in A Sammy Young Piano Tuner Mystery. If you haven't read this series yet you are in for a treat. It is packed full of mystery,excitement, and even some romance. The characters are so much fun you will catch yourself laughing out loud. This book has some very unique characters, a counterfeiter, a competitive eater, and a countess.
Sammy is the town of Rooks Creek's piano tuner. She is smart, independent, and loves a good puzzle. She has been hired to tune the pianos of a new piano bar called Glissando. It is owned by Mr Marshall Chisterson who is so excited about his new business that Sammy can't get a word in edgewise. Once able to get to work on the pianos she becomes quickly acquainted with the opening night act, The Vroom Twins. Let's just say they leave a distinct impression that Sammy will never forget. YIKES! 

She is given tickets to opening night and of course her date is the hunky tattoo artist, Jack Thorton. They enjoy their evening until Sammy is invited to the after party. It is a party that she and Jack will not forget. A scream, a dead Vroom twin,a curse, and a list of suspects a mile long put them in the middle of the investigation. This one is one for the record books on weird! Will Sammy and Jack find the reason for the murder and the murderer before they stop the music forever???

I absolutely love this series with all the library humor and bantering between Sammy and Jack. Hold onto your seats while reading this one, you are in for a great read.

Review by Penny M.

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