Wednesday 20 April 2016

Priced to Kill (Cindy York #2) by Catherine Bruns

Priced to Kill

Real estate agent and super sleuth, Cindy York, has always been haunted by thoughts of her childhood friend, Paul Steadman, who committed suicide 25 years ago. A high school reunion and the prospective sale of his former home—where Cindy was the one to discover his lifeless body—bring the memories back in full force. New boss and best friend, Jacques Forte, pleads with her to accept the listing as their agency is going through some rough financial times.
But Cindy gets more than she negotiated for when new information comes to light that convinces her Paul’s death was anything but self-inflicted. Vowing justice for her friend, Cindy’s meddling only leads to further complications with the Steadman family as she quickly uncovers hot details to a very cold case. Cindy needs to close the deal and find a killer—before she too winds up six feet under! (Summary via Goodreads)

I love it when we can provide you with 2 reviews of a book.  And Priced to Kill by Catherine Bruns is one of them.  Penny & I have both read the book and I believe you will see that we both agree with how awesome this book is.......

Review by Missi S.....

I fell in love with Cindy York and the author Catherine Bruns with her first book, Killer Transaction, in the Cindy York Mystery Series.  Catherine has such a knack with drawing the reader in from page 1 until the end and then she leaves you wanting more ! ! !

I loved the story line with Cindy trying to solve her best friend's death....from 25 years ago !  The story that Paul had committed suicide did not make sense to Cindy and she has never been able to let it go.  Even though she married, had kids and had a career, she always held doubt.   Then when she goes to a reunion at the house where Paul had taken his life by invitation of his brother, Ben and his wife things change drastically.  Now Cindy has proof that he couldn't have killed himself.

How far will Cindy go to solve the case and finally be able to lay her best friend in peace ?  How far will the murderer go to keep this 25 year old secret from being solved ?  

I don't want to say more, even though I would love to.  You will want to read this book yourself.  If you aren't already a huge fan of Catherine Bruns and her books, what are you waiting for ??

Review by Penny M.....

Priced to Kill by Catherine Bruns is the second book in the Cindy York mysteries. It is a fast paced, exciting read. I love the strong married heroine, Cindy York. She has a lot to juggle with a set of twins, a teenage daughter, and a husband who is a bit horny. She is also a real estate agent with her best friend Jacques Fortes. She is working for Jacques trying to work through this hard time for real estate. 

Things start to look up for them when Cindy gets a phone call from her past. Ben and Michelle Steadman are looking to sell their mansion and moved to Bermuda. They want Cindy to sell it for them. This is really hard for Cindy because 25 years ago Paul Steadman, her best friend died from an apparent suicide in the house and she is the one who found him. Things never sat well for Cindy with Paul's suicide and Ben wants her to not only sell the house but go to the HS reunion at the house to open a time capsule. At the reunion something happens that could change everyone's life forever! 

With the help of her best buddy Jacques they are about to make a huge sale and open up a cold case 25 years in the making. This sell may put them in more danger than they realize. 

This book sucks you in from the start and doesn't let go till the end. This series has it all, mystery,murder, secrets, lies, and a ton of adventure so hold on to your seats for a great read.

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