Friday 2 October 2015

The Telltale Turtle (Pet Psychic Mystery #1) by Joyce & Jim Lavene

Mary Catherine has a rare gift - she can talk to animals. A flamboyantly dressed four-time widow, Mary Catherine pulls top ratings for her pet psychic radio show and helps run an animal shelter. Then one day Mary Catherine hears pitiful thoughts of anguish coming from a house. Rushing inside to help, she finds an injured turtle crying bloody murder - and the dead body of his owner, a society matriarch with a fortune, lying nearby.
By tuning into Tommy the turtle's thoughts and memories, Mary Catherine becomes a vital, if ridiculed, resource for the detectives. But now a psycho caller is threatening the lives of Mary Catherine and Baylor, her haughty and overprotective tabby cat, while dangling clues in front of her like bait. Despite the annoying charms of PI Charlie Dowd - aka, potential husband number five - can Mary Catherine use her talent to find a killer more cold-blooded than the star witness?
Includes recipes for pet treats!  (summary via Amazon)
The Telltale Turle is a book I read last year but it has stuck with me.  Joyce & Jim Lavene are exceptional authors who really have a knack of keeping your interest throughout the entire book.  I'm an animal lover so maybe that is why I loved this book or maybe I loved it because of the interesting job Mary Catherine has, or maybe the murder intriqued me....whatever the reason, I wanted to share this book with others.  Its not something that should be kept secret !!!

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