Monday 21 September 2015

Stabbing in the Senate (Washington Whodunit, #1) by Colleen, J. Shogan

Life is good for Kit Marshall. She's a staffer in D.C. for a popular she pulls the weapon out of his chest and instantly becomes the senator, and she lives with an adoring beagle and a brainy boyfriend with a trust fund. Then, one morning, Kit arrives at the office early and finds her boss, Senator Langsford, impaled by a stainless steel replica of an Army attack helicopter. Panicked, prime suspect in his murder.Circumstances back Kit's claim of innocence, but her photograph has gone viral, and the heat won't be off until the killer is found. Well-loved though the senator was, suspects abound. Langsford had begun to vote with his conscience, which meant he was often at odds with his party. Not only had the senator decided toquash the ambitions of a major military contractor, but his likely successor is a congressman he trounced in the last election. Then there's the  suspiciously dry-eyed Widow Langsford.Kit's tabloid infamy horrifies her boyfriend's upper-crust family, and it could destroy her career. However, she and her free-spirited friend Meg have a more pressing reason to play sleuth. The police are clueless in more ways than one, and Kit worries that the next taskon the killer's agenda will be to end her life.Book 1 in the Washington Whodunit series. (summary via Amazon.)    
I thought this book was excellent. I couldn't believe it was the author's first book. Everything about this book from the first chapter has you wanting more and not wanting it to end.The main character in the book, Kit is an up and coming staffer on Capital Hill. She is working her dream job with Senator Langsford, living with a wonderful man in a great condo with the cutest dog a beagle mix named Clarence. She believes in everything that the Senator stands for and has been with him since the beginning. Little does she know when she walks in his office on Tuesday morning that her life would change forever. She finds her beloved Senator with a stainless steel model military helicopter sticking out of his chest. Of course she thinks she maybe able to save him so she pulls it out. Now she has major issues because she is now holding the murder weapon and everyone thinks she killed him. She is now the main suspect and has every news agency reporting this with her picture on the front page. 
Now she has to explain all of this to her boyfriend Doug who's family is very connected and will not look kindly on her because of their reputation. As we all know gossip spreads like wildfire on Capital Hill. To try and douce the flames she starts investigating the murder along with her friend Meg. They come up with a list of suspects that will lead them all over Capital Hill. She finds allies that she didn't know she had in the people she has worked with for four years. Everyone wants to know why someone would want to kill the Senator. 
There are a lot of twists and turns in this book. You never know who to trust at any given time. Will Kit and her friends find the killer or killers before they strike again? What does a company called Carter Power play in his murder? Could all of this be about the oldest motive in the book, Money? Or is it something else know one will see coming? 
I hope their will be many more books in this series. I am not a person who enjoys political novels but this was a pleasant surprise. The mystery, adventure, suspense, and intrigue are not to be missed.

Review by Penny M.

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  1. Sounds like a good one. I've been looking for a cozy mystery set in Washington. :)