Tuesday 2 September 2014

Audiobook Review: Murder of a Needled Knitter by Denise Swanson

I can’t imagine anything worse than going on your honeymoon with your MOTHER! Okay maybe going on your honey with a murderer on the same cruise ship! Well in Skye Denison-Boyd’s latest adventure she has both on her honeymoon. Her mother is on the same cruise ship as Skye and Wally and there is also a murderer on board.

I liked Denise Swanson’s new book for a number of reasons. Firstly I love Scumble River and Skye and Wally. I’ve been reading these books for a long time and I’m glad to see Skye getting her happy ever after with Wally. Even if there honeymoon did include her mom, Mae. There is more interactions with Skye, Wally and her parents, Mae and Jed, then I’ve ever seen before. This of course happens when you’re stuck on a ship together. I love how Wally stands up for Skye, and we all know Mae is the kind of woman that it can be hard to get a word in!!

I’ve also wanted to take a crochet cruise. It looks so relaxing to crochet on the water and visit new places. Mae and Jed are part of a knitting cruise group and it is anything but relaxing, especially with one of their own meeting her death. It turns out not all knitters are the peaceful, grandmotherly type!

Murder of a Needled Knitter was a great adventure on the seas, and I liked watching Skye and Wally working together to solve the mystery! It was a tangled web and it left me guessing right until the end.

I chose to listen to Murder of a Needled Knitter in audiobook format. It was my first time listening to Christine Leto narrate and it was a really enjoyable experience. I definitely will pick up future books in this series on audio. I love being able to knit and crochet while I listen, and Christine has a great voice to tell the ups and downs of a cozy mystery.

Murder of a Needled Knitter was a great listen and I can’t wait to find out what is in store for Skye and Wally in their married life, when they return to Scumble River.

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