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A Case for the Ladies (A Dot and Amelia Mystery Book # 1) by Maddie Day

Amid Prohibition, Irish gangs, the KKK, and rampant mistreatment of immigrant women, intrepid private investigator Dorothy Henderson and her pal Amelia Earhart seek justice for several murdered young women in 1926 Boston. As tensions mount, the sleuths, along with their reporter friend Jeanette and Dot’s maiden aunt Etta. experience their own mistreatment at the hand of society and wonder who they can really trust.

This novel brings a pre-fame Amelia Earhart to life in 1926, when she lived in a Boston suburb and worked as a teacher and social worker at a settlement house founded to help immigrant women. After Amelia meets fictional lady PI Dot Henderson, and more than one young immigrant woman is found murdered, the two put their heads together to seek justice for the less powerful. Meanwhile, Etta Rogers, a founder of the settlement house and a Wellesley professor, works with reporter Jeanette Colby to investigate the Irish gangs who are not only running illicit liquor but also seeking to take over the settlement house real estate.

"This book is a triumph on so many levels! From the excitement of our foremothers stepping out of their traditional roles, to the exhilaration of early plane flight, to tackling tough subjects such as immigration, bigotry, and crime gang rivalries in 1920s Boston, Maddie Day paints a stunning portrait of one of America's most dynamic periods."—Alyssa Maxwell, author of the Gilded Newport Mysteries

"The courage of women and the power of friendship are at the heart of this inspiring and beautifully researched mystery set in 1926 Boston. Three intrepid women, investigator Dot Henderson, reporter Jeanette Colby, and a young pilot named Amelia Earhart band together to find out who is killing the immigrant women of the city. A timely and deeply moving page turner."—Mariah Fredericks, author of The Lindbergh Nanny

“Maddie Day brings the light and shadow of prohibition-era Boston to life through the story of three determined young women seeking justice. The crime, historical detail, and engaging characters make for a compelling read.”—Dianne Freeman, author of the award-winning Countess of Harleigh mysteries.

"Maddie Day’s tale — in which she imagines an alternate and crime-solving reality for a pre-fame Amelia Earhart — is as much fun as a ride in one of Earhart's planes! Day's heroine Dot Henderson, visiting from California, detects around a well-drawn 1920s Boston with an appealing circle of friends, including the famous aviatrix. Fans of historical fiction will love this women-focused mystery."—Sarah Stewart Taylor, author of Amelia This Broad Ocean, and the Maggie D'arcy series

“Written with unmistakable affection, A Case for the Ladies warmly envelopes readers in 1920s Boston.”—Jessica Ellicott  (Summary via Goodreads)

A Case for the Ladies is the first book in the Dot and Amelia Mystery series written by Maddie Day.  This is a different kind of story for Maddie to write and she executed it beautifully.

In A Case for the Ladies Dorothy Henderson, also known as Dot is visiting her aunt Etta in Boston.  While there she becomes fast friends with Amelia Earhart who is just beginning her flying experience and Jeanette Colby who is a photographer and jounalist.  The three begin investigating together when there are a number of immigrant young women murdered in the area.  And Dot finds out that one of the murdered girls is the niece of her aunt's housekeeper and the girl was only nineteen years old .... this drives her to use her private investigating skills and jump right into the cases.

Unfortunately before they can get anywhere with the cases, there are more deaths including a close male friend of Jeanette's.  The three women soon learn that there are two main gangs that control the areas and are fighting for territory.  Why they are targeting immigrant young women is a puzzle to them.  Plus trying to get anyone to identify any of the men in the gangs is becoming impossible.

Before they know it they find themselves in way over their heads when Amelia is kidnapped and Dot needs to find her.  Also there is something going on with Jeanette but she is being too secretive about it ....

Fans of Edith Maxwell and Maddie Day will instantly fall in love with this new story.  Just when you think you know an author, they throw a new and different book out there for fans to devour !!  Maddie definitely keeps readers on their toes with this story.  And hopefully future books will be just as entertaining !!!  And knowing Maddie as we do, future books will be just as good, if not better !!!!

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