Tuesday 6 February 2024

A Pie to Die For (Lucky Pie Mystery Book # 1) by Gretchen Rue

For fans of Sofie Kelly and Joanne Fluke, it’s the end of the tourist season in Split Pine– but a murder at the Lucky Pie Diner stirs up trouble for the sleepy town in this series debut. 

Este March runs the family-owned Lucky Pie Diner on Split Pine Island in Northern Michigan. The pies at Lucky Pie aren’t just good, they’re magical, with a family recipe that grants certain customers their greatest hopes and dreams when they eat the pie. The remote island is closed to outsiders over the winter months, but on the last day of the season, the unpopular new produce vendor, Jeff, turns up dead on his boat, and Split Pine Island’s peace goes up in smoke. 

Tom Cunningham, the local sheriff, casts suspicion onto Este, who may have been the last person to see Jeff alive. Not to mention several people witnessed her getting into an argument with the rude vendor in some of his final hours. Este decides to clear her name and her diner’s reputation by launching her own investigation, which means she must turn suspicion on her friends and neighbors, because only a local could have murdered the victim.

As Este investigates, she uncovers a deeper web of secrets, finding that many of the locals had reason to either frame her, or kill the victim. The clock is ticking to figure out the killer, and the clues in the case are flakier than an apple pie. Este will have to uncover the killer before her future crumbles.  (Summary via Goodreads)

The Lucky Pie Mystery series by Gretchen Rue is going to be a HUGE success !!!  It is apparent when you read the first book in the series A Pie to Die For.

The Lucky Pie Mystery series takes place on a island on Michigan Lake called Split Pine Island.  The island pretty much closes on November first to only locals until the spring.  Luckily, even though, it is a slower time for the businesses, some are able to remain open throughout the winter months ... one of them is the Lucky Pie Diner.  The Lucky Pine Diner is a family run diner which is currently being run by Este March, after her mother and grandmother.  The only family member still on the island is Este's grandfather, Grampy.  Este lives in a small cottage on Grampy's property and she has full control over the diner.  This includes making the pies and knowing which ones are magical.

Iin the first book in this adorable series, A Pie to Die For, Este meets Jeff who informs her that he is the new produce supplier and he has increased the prices out of this world as well as shorted her planned order ..... and shortly after this encounter, Jeff is found dead gripping Este's emourmously overpriced invoice.

Tom the local Sheriff who is also the owner of a local bar and Este's best friend's brother has his sights on Este and not in a good way.  Unfortunately Este needs to know who killed Jeff and why ... and she thinks she knows who but trying to prove that will be dangerous.  

The Lucky Pie Mystery series is going to be one of your favorite series to keep track of.  Everything in this series is lovable and addicting that you will want more and more.  Come on, the island people have a dog as the mayor and his name is Mayor !!  And if you could eat a piece of pie that might be magical, wouldn't you be there to buy one daily ??

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