Wednesday 1 February 2023

The Girl with the Dragonfruit Tattoo (Trouble in Paradise ! #3) by Carrie Doyle

Sometimes you have to rock the boat to catch a killer!

On the tropical island of Paraiso, Plum Lockhart has a new zest for life. Her villa rental company is growing like a weed, she's solved a couple of pesky murders, and things with her long-time crush are finally starting to heat up.

Plum does sometimes miss her sparkly life in the Big Apple, so she's thrilled when she gets an invite to dinner on the yacht, where she can mingle with famous singers, up-and-coming stars, society swans, and billionaires. After a few hours on the boat, Plum wonders what secrets are lurking beneath the surface.

Two days later, one of the servers from the yacht―a girl with a dragonfruit tattoo―washes up dead, and Plum's sweet bit of paradise quickly goes sour. As the ship prepares to set sail across the Caribbean, Plum hops onboard to investigate the case, undercover. But the best laid plans turn deadly as it becomes clear that everyone on the boat has a motive and Plum must sleuth out the killer before she becomes the next victim...  (Summary via Goodreads)

The Trouble in Paradise Mystery series by Carrie Doyle is a great series to get lost in !!  There is so much to fall in love with in this series !!  The Girl with the Dragonfruit Tattoo is the third book in this series so if you haven't started reading this series, you can catch up pretty quickly !

In The Girl with the Dragonfruit Tattoo main character Plum Lockhart is going to get herself in some hot water and this time she may be in way over her head.  

Plum moved to the tropical island of Paraiso and she eventually opened up her own business, Plum Lockhart Luxury Retreats and she is doing everything she can to make it a huge success.  She has also taken her relationship with Juan Kevin, the director of security for Las Frutas, to the next level and she would like to happily enjoy both.  Unfortunately murder always seems to happen and Plum seems to always get in the middle of it.  However this time is different when Captain Diaz asks her to go undercover.

Plum runs into her friend Ellen from her old life when she lived in New York City.  Ellen and her husband Joel are the guests on the yacht, Jackpot, of a former rapper turned businessman.  She also meets Lysette who works on the boat who after learning that Plum solved a few murders wishes to speak with her.  Unfortunately Plum brushes her off and finds out that they will never be able to have that conversation when Lysette is found dead.

When Captain Diaz learns that Plum knows people on the boat, he convinces her to take Ellen up on the invite to go with the group on a little trip.  There is an eclectic group of characters on the boat and as Plum digs into everybody and their background, she is thrown into a world that she knows nothing about anymore.  She use to be up on the celebrities when she worked for magazines in New York but she is flying, or shall we say sailing, blindly with this group.  And she doesn't know who to trust and who to keep at a distance.

The Trouble in Paradise series is so fun for getting yourself lost in....and the characters will become great friends in your head....and the best part is you will be in paradise without having to pack, take a plane, or leave your living room !!  I highly recommend getting yourself lost in this series......

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