Saturday 27 March 2021

Bert and Norah: Into the Light by Bernard Burgess

This third book in the Bert and Norah series is a mystifying two-part investigation by the team of B & N Investigations. The newly hired P.I. is sent to Montana to try to help a family understand and deal with the strange behavior exhibited by their young child. The newest investigator must determine if such behavior could be the result of an unknown abuse? Or something even more sinister? At the same time, Bert, Norah, and Missy contend with the harsh winter weather while miles away in Nebraska, contracted to go back in time on a case grown cold by passing years. A strange young man has asked them to find his mother who vanished when he was a teenager. The pain of her absence is as vivid to him now as when she failed to return home, and he must have closure if he is to find his suppressed memories and have a normal life. Complicated by confusing clues, personal agendas, a winter blizzard, and the passage of time, both cases are separately intertwined in the readers' minds, simultaneously and unrelated. Or are they?  (Summary via Goodreads)

Very seldomly do I want to jump to the last chapter or page in a book to see how it ends.  I consider myself a very patient person so when I am reading a book, I am contend to just read the words and let the story take me on it's journey.  However, I was tested to my limits while reading Bert and Norah : Into the Light.  Into the Light is the third book in this series by Bernard H. Burgess and when I read the previous books, I was fine reading them and going on the journey.  But boy, oh boy, did this third book test my limits !!  

In Into the Light B & N Investigations decides that they need to hire another private investigator to help with the cases they are receiving.  Since Bert and Norah had helped the Governor of Wyoming with a case, they have been seeing an increase in clients needing assistance.  They end up hiring Becky, a woman that Bert met during the Patterson case and he feels that she will be a perfect fit to the team.

With Becky joining B & N Investigators they are able to take on two cases.  Bert and Norah with the help of their canine Missy take on a cold case of a missing woman.  Her son is still looking for answers seven years after her disappearance.  Meanwhile Becky is jumping in with both feet when she takes on a case of a seven year old girl with abnormal behavior that is upsetting and the parents have no where else to turn.

So Bert and Norah are working their case in Nebraska and Becky is working her case in Montana and they keep in touch regularly with phone calls.  Bert and Norah soon find out with their case that they may be looking at two missing woman.  While they are doing their research they find out that another woman went missing in the same manner as they first one but there is a few years gap.  

It is always interesting to read about how Bert and Norah handle their cases with Norah's special abilities.  And when they bring Missy into the mix and readers get to see how her tracking helps the cases, it is always a page turner for sure.  And now that they have added Becky and she gets to go work another case, readers will enjoy working on multiple cases with the team.   

Burgess really knows how to keep the readers attention throughout the book and hold their attention until the explosive ending !!  There is no way that readers will ever see the ending coming and that makes for an awesome book and an amazing author.  I will admit that I was very nervous with this book.  I was halfway through the book and I really thought that Burgess was going to take B & N Investigations in a certain direction, which made me want to jump ahead, but I can breathe easier knowing that I was wrong.  And this is one instance that I will gladly admit being wrong.  You will just have to trust me because I will not admit where I thought the story was going because I do not want to put that in your head and also it will totally ruin things for you if I do.  Just know that the Bert & Norah books are a definite read and I HIGHLY recommend that you add them to you to be read pile....and maybe put them on the TOP !!!

Review by Missi M.

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