Sunday 26 July 2020

Death in Trout Fork: Ryn Lowell Colorado Mysteries (Ryn Lowell Colorado Mysteries #1) by D.M. O'Byrne

Death in Trout Fork: Ryn Lowell Colorado Mysteries

She should have known when she fished that Pink Floyd T-shirt out of the creek that it belonged to that waitress, the one who disappeared… 

Kathryn “Ryn” Lowell has escaped the stifling confines of her office at the New York travel magazine she writes for and pulls into Trout Fork, a tiny fishing hamlet in the Colorado Rockies, to write an article about the town. She hasn’t been there long, when along with her orange tabby cat, Jack Kerouac, she discovers a T-shirt in the local creek that belonged to the missing waitress. Now foul play is suspected, and Ryn, who has fallen for the quaint mountain town, is determined to find the killer and give her new friends closure. Teaming up with the local police detective, who seems to want more than Ryn can give him, she puts it all on the line—her heart, her job, and her life.  (Summary via Goodreads)

Death in Trout Fork by D. M. O'Byrne is a very gripping and captivating story.  Readers will feel like they are right along side Ryn and not want to leave.

Ryn Lowell is the main character and she writes a column for a travel magazine where she travels to out of the way towns and writes about that town giving readers a new and unique place to visit.  When she pulls into Trout Fork little does she know the pull that that little town will have on her......

Ryn and her traveling partner, cat Jack, pull up in Trout Fork in front of a building housing a few stores and a restaurant.  For some reason she is drawn to the restaurant and the people so she decides to stay, write an article about this little fishing town and also fill in waitressing at the restaurant temporaliy after learning that the girl that was waitressing has been missing for a few days.

The girl that was working at the restaurant, Heather, came into town a few weeks ago with one of the many biker gangs that roll through town and she decided to stay.  So Alma, the owner of the restaurant told her she could bunk in the cabin behind the restaurant with her and her daughter, Ashley, and work with them.  Things had been working out for a few weeks then all of a sudden Heather was missing but her stuff was still at the cabin.

Ryn not only thinks the town is interesting but the story of Heather's disappearance also has her thinking.  And when Ashley asks her to look into the disappearance, she feels like she needs to help.  But when she is out for a jog on the path along side the river and she finds Heather's favorite t-shirt floating in the water, she knows that she was brought to this town for a specific reason and it wasn't to write a travel column.

O'Byrne has a very captivating tale written on the pages and the cast of characters will add to the pull drawing the reader in.   Readers will fall in love with Trout Fork and it's residents, some more than others, and you will want to pack your bags and head there as soon as you can !!  

O'Byrne has also opened up this series with a great start and you will be looking forward to where the road is taking Ryn and Jack and hopefully she will make it a point to keep in touch with those in Trout Fork.......

Review by Missi M.

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