Sunday 17 May 2020

20 Questions with Authors : Arlene Kay

I had the pleasure of attending a book event with Arlene Kay.  This event included panels and contests..... one contest where I had to call out Arlene for "giving away the answer to a question" and since then we have had a fun relationship.  If you have ever met her, you know what I am talking about.  If you haven't had the pleasure of meeting her yet, I highly encourage you to try to attend an event that she is participatiung in.....just be careful if there are any contests involved.

Arlene books are :

Death by Dog Show ( Book 1 in the A Creature Comforts Mystery series )
Homicide by Horse Show ( Book 2 in the A Creature Comforts Mystery series )
Swann Dive ( Book 1 in the The Boston Uncommons Mystery series )
Mantrap ( Book 2 in the The Boston Uncommons Mystery series )
Gilt  ( Book 3 in the The Boston Uncommons Mystery series )
Die Laughing
The Abacus Prize  ( Book 1 in the Grace Quinn Chronicles )

Now let's get to know her personally or as she said in her response to me "unburdening her soul" and she states some "very revealing responses".  You be the judge.....(yes Arlene that's a dig....hee hee)

1.  What is your favorite color ?  RED!

2.  Sunset or sunrise ?  Sunset

3.  Coffee, tea or soda ?  Strong espresso

4.  What is your favorite movie ?  LAURA

5.  What are your favorite toppings on pizza ?  White Italian Anchovies

6.  Cake or pie ? What is your favorite ?  Pie—Lemon Meringue (yum)

7.  Favorite author (besides yourself) ?  Oscar Wilde

8.  Horror movie or chick flick ??  Chick Flick (love the Bodyguard; Notting Hill)

9.  Cat or dog person ? Do you have any ? If so, what and names please....  Love both cats and dogs—currently have 2 Belgian Tervurens, Kai, and Grand Champion Lord Byron

10.  Ideal vacation ?  Big city—like NYC or Paris

11.  Camping or 5 star hotel ?  Five Star Hotel all the way!! CAMPING?? Ugh

12.  Favorite season and why ?  Autumn-especially in New England. Such a gorgeous display of nature

13.  Name ONE thing you are afraid of ....  Fear factor: DEATHLY afraid of rodents

14.  Name ONE thing you cannot live without....  Gotta have it—Pellegrino or Perrier (glass bottles only)

15.  What was your favorite subject in school ?  Political Science

16.  What was your least favorite subject in school ?  Calculus 

17.  What movie have you seen more than once ?  Movie mania—My Cousin Vinny

18.  What is your guilty pleasure ?  (Can't be an answer already given...)  Guilty pleasure—AUCTIONS!

19.  Who is your celebrity crush ?   Celebrity Crush—RUSSELL WONG

20.  Tell us something we don't know that you would like people to know about you ......  I love giving public presentations and teaching but am very shy when meeting people one on one.

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