Tuesday 18 February 2020

'Twas the Week After Christmas (Season's Change Book 1) by Mark Justice

'Twas the Week After Christmas (Season's Change Book 1) by [Justice, Mark]
When Abbie Price finds herself suddenly out of a job, she moves back to her home town of Juniper, Ohio, surrounded and supported by her friends and family.A series of unexplained packages pulls Abbie into a mystery that intimately touches the lives of everyone around her. With the New Year’s Nosh less than a week away, Abbie is determined to unravel the truth behind the mysterious packages and discovers herself on a journey toward acceptance, healing, and hope.  (Summary via Amazon)

'Twas the Week After Christmas by Mark Justice is the first book in his Season's Change Mystery series.  'Twas the Week After Christmas is very different from your regular cozy mystery in that there is no death.....and that is pretty much the only difference.......

'Twas the Week After Christmas you are hanging out with main character, Abbie Price, who just lost her job and moved back to her hometown on Christmas night.  Everyone in Juniper, Ohio is like family.  It is a nice, small, loving town and the week after Christmas everyone is still in the Christmas mood and gearing up for the New Year's Eve celebration, The New Year's Nosh.

Abbie is helping her grandmother in the family candy store while she figures out what her next move is after losing her job.  They are getting ready to make their famous fudge for the Nosh....unfortunately they do not get their chocolate order but instead a mysterious wooden box with exotic spices show up.
And that is not the only mysterious box showing up around town.  Each box is very specific to the individual receiving it and forces the recipricant to think outside the box..... (pun intended)

Abbie and friends try to find out who is leaving the boxes and the only "clue" they have to follow are some curious looking footsteps......

'Twas the Week After Christmas is the perfect cozy to get lost in when you really just want a feel good cozy story.  You have a great town that you are sure to want to visit and Juniper is full of great people that you want to hang around with and Sugar's Diner is the perfect place to do it at !!  And the author leaves the reader longing for more......

Review by Missi M.

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