Wednesday 2 January 2019

One Taste Too Many (Sarah Blair Mystery #1) by Debra H. Goldstein

One Taste Too Many (Sarah Blair Mystery, #1)

For culinary challenged Sarah Blair, there's only one thing scarier than cooking from scratch--murder!

Married at eighteen, divorced at twenty-eight, Sarah Blair reluctantly swaps her luxury lifestyle for a cramped studio apartment and a law firm receptionist job in the tired hometown she never left. With nothing much to show for the last decade but her feisty Siamese cat, RahRah, and some clumsy domestic skills, she's the polar opposite of her bubbly twin, Emily--an ambitious chef determined to take her culinary ambitions to the top at a local gourmet restaurant . . .

Sarah knew starting over would be messy. But things fall apart completely when her ex drops dead, seemingly poisoned by Emily's award-winning rhubarb crisp. Now, with RahRah wanted by the woman who broke up her marriage and Emily wanted by the police for murder, Sarah needs to figure out the right recipe to crack the case before time runs out. Unfortunately, for a gal whose idea of good china is floral paper plates, catching the real killer and living to tell about it could mean facing a fate worse than death--being in the kitchen!

Includes quick and easy recipes!  (Summary via Goodreads)

Mind Blown !!!!  I do not care how good you are at solving mysteries....One Taste Too Many is one mystery that will test you !!  Debra H. Goldstein doesn't make it easy for you either.  She has such a dymanic story with a strong list of suspects.

In this first book in the Sarah Blair Mystery series you are introduced to the main character, Sarah and her twin sister Emily.  As we get to know the twins we are also introduced to their jobs and co-workers.  Sarah is a receptionist for a lawyer Harlan and we really get to know Harlan quite well because Emily becomes a suspect in the death of Sarah's ex-husband.  And we get to know Emily and her co-workers because there is a Food Expo taking place that the restaurant that Emily works at is front and center in the event.  Unfortunately the murder also occurs right before the Expo is scheduled to begin.

Sarah will do whatever it takes to prove her sister's innocence even when things turn on her and the cat she agreed to take care of when her mother-in-law passed away.  Even though she has been taking care of RahRah for a few years now, it looks like ownership might go to her ex-husbands latest fling !!!  

Sarah seems to have more than she can handle but as we read the story, we realize that she can handle a lot !!!  

You cannot help but fall in love with everything in this series !! You will love the characters, their jobs, their relationships, the bond between the sisters and even the cat will find a place in your heart.....and like I said ..... solving the case isn't as easy as one might think when you start reading One Taste Too Many and when you finish the book and find out the truth.....I hope you are sitting down and alone because you just might curse out loud !!!

Review by Missi S.

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